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Name Your Mobile App Effectively With Seven Tips


So, you have finally joined the elite group of mobile app developers with your very first mobile app, congratulations! The next stage now is to promote and let people know what you got. However, there is one major thing that needs to be done before you launch the app and this is finding the most suitable name for your mobile app. It must be distinct but captivating. How do you come up with the perfect name?

A lot of thought and research needs to be given for the naming of the mobile app. The name should not only be what users can easily identify with, but it should also relate to your app’s functions.

Top 7 Mobile App Naming and Optimization Tips

1. Make Sure the Name is Not Already Used

In your quest for finding the right name, make sure you check and double check well to know if there is already an app with a similar name as yours in any of the app stores you intend submitting the app too. It's important so as not to create unhealthy competition between similar top app development companies. You will also be protected from being sued for copyright infringement later on.

2. App Relevance and Ease of Pronunciation

Ensure that your app name relates to that of its functions. Come up with a name that users can easily pronounce and remember. It should be something that best describes the app. With this, the chances of your app getting popular in the marketplace will be higher.

3. URL App Naming for SEO

Keep in mind, the name of your app is going to be used as an URL filename by default because your app's URL is a very vital aspect of app store SEO. So, ensure that your app’s name is simple and straightforward, no special or irrelevant characters should be added to your app name. You don't want to cause unnecessary delay or error in URL generation.

4. The Search Engine SEO Factor

A smart SEO strategy is bound to keep your app on top 40 in the ranking list. SEO strategies allow top search engines like Wikipedia or Google to find you easily and list you among their easy-to-search results. Ensure that you use keywords that are regularly searched by users.

5. Test-run Your App Name

If you can, test your app name with trusted or a closed group of people before submitting your app. Their feedback will help you know the capability of your mobile app development and the efficiency of the name.

6. Formatting App Description

This is another important aspect of naming your app. Formatting your app description ensures that your app is seen on your web page and on the app store. Remember, no irrelevant points, only crucial points should be in the app description.

7. Categorizing Your App

It helps in enhancing the overall reach of your app marketing strategy. Select a decent category that has enough keyword ranking but with the least competition. One useful tool to use in categorizing your app is MobClix. You can get the perfect idea of the best categories to place your app in the marketplace.

Bottom line

The name you choose for your mobile app can have an effect on its success in the app market. So, to reach your target market, make sure that your mobile app gets the most suitable name you can think of. Hopefully, the above tips will help you take that extra steps to succeed with your after your mobile app development project.