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A Guide To Boost Business Revenue With Mobile Friendly Website


Well, mobile has the strongest power and if your business has still not adopted mobile approach then undoubtedly you are losing the show. Today, 4 out of 5 minutes is spent in mobile. Highest search traffic is drawn from mobile search. Being handy is the biggest advantage that has encouraged more people towards its approach. If we talk about the internet enthusiastic people, most of them would ditch websites over mobile as it does not leverage appealing layout. Majority business has incurred [...]

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On-Demand App Development – Because It's More Than Food & Alcohol Delivery System!


On-demand business models - A modern consumer approach that has overtaken traditional approach where people used to visit shops for their buyings. The on-demand app has allowed people to get delivered their ordered things at their specific location. The "on-demand” trend has reformed the channel through which business used to serve to their customers. Thanks to the evolution of startup apps like UBER and Airbnb that has re-shaped the economy of the world at the next level. The [...]

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Native Application Or Website: Choose The Best For Your Startup!


Well, you have amazing startup idea! Your idea has potentials to solve most complex and real-time issues but then what? Is my idea practical? If it's YES then, how will I convert my freaking awesome idea into reality? Wait, most important thing is should I go for a web app or should switch to native android or iOS app? These questions are like a headache for majority startups and entrepreneurs that baffles and smash up their enthusiasm for the startup they are craving since long. Sel [...]

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Mobile App Security Loopholes: How To Fix Them?


Technology is gaining it's speed at highest momentum - perhaps at the maximum speed if we are considering enterprise and organizations to implement highest and stringent security standards throughout the application. There are numerous factors that contribute in compromising the security standards & protocols in the application. The inclusion of insecure and unprotected application in the portfolio is greeting gateway for hackers to find the app baseline and do unrevealed changes that [...]

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Important Factors To Expand Your Business Except Mobile App Development!


In the age of technology, we see a bombarding growth in smartphone usage. Business is turning towards mobile app development. Majority conversions have taken place because of the mobile application. More and more startups and small scale business are planning to develop mobile apps for their business and the reason is: They see value in it. The mobile app is one of the best ways to showcase online presence of your business and to reach to millions of users. But the question here is how long w [...]

Education App Development

Most Crucial Elements To Lookout For Successful Education App Development


There are more than 5000+ applications deployed in the app store that centers education as the mainstream. Every educational mobile apps aim to guide students with the information they are lacking behind. There are apps that genuinely helps students to learn various subjects and things. While there are some apps developed by top app development companies, targeting some niches just to earn bucks. There are a countless number of educational applications in the app market that are intended [...]

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Success Path of Mobile Ux From Customization to Personalization


Mobile applications have become so inevitable that it is nearly next to impossible to imagine a life without its existence. Our lives are surrounded by mobile apps. Right from having breakfast till going off to bed, we are encircled with mobile apps developed by top app development companies. But have you ever thought why people are stretched towards mobile applications? The answer is quite clear. Personalization, Problem Solving App, and Good User Experience are the three driving factors tha [...]

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Boost Your Mobile App Development Timeframe With These 4 Amazing Ways


These days, business regardless of its size understand the importance of mobile app along with the fact that effective mobile strategy not only involves the mobile friendly website. The business with which you are interacting on daily basis should involve dedicated mobile app. So, if you are planning to be in the race of entrepreneurs then, development of the mobile app for your business is quite inevitable. It is the fact that in order to stay competitive in the market, you need to have a pr [...]

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3 Significant Factors Evaluating Developers' Capabilities For App Development Companies


Making successful app development project is quite significant to carry your organization at the next step. However, as we know that hiring an app programmer with multiple skills is one of the topmost priority of the management. There are end number of people that choose to outsource their project to the app development company or they hire dedicated app developer from any top app development companies. But, the most difficult part is to characterize the feature of the developer which is one [...]

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Know Some Effective Mobile App Marketing Metrics For 2017


When it comes to mobile app marketing, it is very important to know the performance of your mobile application and how many users are pleased with the use of your smartphone app. Engagement of mobile app users is really very important in order to develop new versions of the app with some excellent features. These Android and iOS mobile app metrics help app owners in many ways, it gives them proper information about mobile app users, how an app is used by the users, specific section in wh [...]