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Will These 6 Factors Bring Fluctuations In Mobile App Development Cost?


Being an app consultant, one of the most common questions that often struck me by hundreds of startups and budding entrepreneurs is: How much does it cost to develop an app? Well, there are numerous factors that contribute in deciding the development cost. So today, I am going to explore all those factors that define the real budget of app development.

1. Custom Add-Ons

If you are thinking to develop a custom app for your business, you will obviously want to increase traffic to your site. The main objective for any business behind app development is the generation of more ROI. Here is where app promotion and social media plays a vital role. Social media is one of the best promotion tools that outreaches your app and products to large user base. Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter are the leading giants that help businesses to connect multiple audiences. But, to integrate such custom SDK, you need an expert developer that will increase your overall development budget.

2. Security Features

User authentication and authorization plays a crucial role when it comes to mobile app development. It is one of the necessary factors that increases app development cost. For an enterprise app, secure login and access is quite a crucial aspect. Development of such feature requires extra effort and coordination between app developers and enterprise system development. They need to make sure that seamless integration is done so as to ensure enterprise security. This will lead to increase in app development cost.

3. Distribution Of Smartphone Applications

There are multiple distribution channels for app submission. Depending on your channel selection, you need to pay the amount. Let's consider Google Play Store and iTunes. Their charge for a license fee is $100. This is because mobile app requires approval to ensure proper security standards. This results in an increase in app development cost.

4. Device And Operating System

The cost of app development highly depends on the device and the operating system you select for app development. If you are thinking to develop a cross platform or hybrid app that runs on all platforms then cost would gradually decrease. But, if you think to develop a native app that works on intended platforms that you need to increase your app development budget.

5. In-App Purchases

In-app purchases also play a significant role to entice more users towards the app. In-app purchase is one of the best monetization strategies to increase mobile app retention rate. Here, users need to pay extra if they want to enjoy the benefit of in-app purchases. But, this will lead to increase in app development cost if you are supporting users with such functionality.

6. Support And Enhancements

Mobile app development process does not simply end with app development. The app development process is followed by app maintenance and support where you need to handle users feedback, problem, suggestion and even app updates. If any user gives negative feedback or if any bug is found in the app, it is the responsibility of the development team to get things done in proper manner. As companies retain app developers for a month to maintain app and ensure best product quality, it will increase overall app development cost.

The mobile app market has shown tremendous growth in the recent years and more is expected in upcoming years. So, if you are looking to develop a mobile app for your business, consider these above factors before deciding your app development budget. Hire one of the best top app development companies to ensure the success of your app.