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10 Tricks for Android app Marketing - Overwhelming increment in App Downloads


Android phones are used more by people compared to other smartphones. So, Android app development is a safe bet to make the higher profit. While people looking for free apps rather than paid in the android play market, if your app has the factor which makes it more productive & unique than opponent's app, then you should consider some essential things shared by top app development companies.

In order to promote Android app and find the people who talk about their product is not so much easy. Well, here we share some of the tips that you can use and create a noise about your latest developed app. We always recommend you to create a landing page for your app. This landing page will not only helps you to promote your company, but get additional work for Android app development. To understand your app, add section for screenshots and videos and take care of branding of your page. This will help other bloggers and users to easily understand your app. To develop that product landing page on WordPress doesn’t cost a lot.

1) Facebook Ads:

Facebook offers ads for both Android and iOS apps. This is the best way to get a lot of installs with paid mediums such as facebook ads. As an app developer, you can divide users based on different factors like the mobile operating system, location, age etc. If you have any email list, then you can use that particular list to target your advertisements.

2) Optimize Your App:

Before submitting your app in play store, check that your app should have a good interface and it has to be fully done. If you did a mistake of submit an incomplete app, it will lower your user rating and it will destroy your plan permanently. For your app, the user rate well in initial stage than play store algorithm will take your app in higher place. This is one of the best tricks to improve your download count.

3) Submit on Different Store:

There are multiple stores available to submit your android app. The popular store is Google play store. But other stores like Amazon app store are also good too.

4) Make a Freemium App:

Freemium app is the great way to get more downloads for your app. It will serve users to get the full version if they like it. Or first, you launch a free app with ads after that promote app with some excellent features in your premium version. Launch your app free on play store for two weeks to grow user base, then make it paid. This trick works every time in marketing.

5) Promote by Reviews:

Obviously, no one will pay for your app unless you promote it. So, promotion is equally important as app development. This is also the best way to promote your app through reviews and content.

6) Promote on Youtube:

With the help of YouTube videos, show how your app can be helpful to people and entertain them. Try to make a video with excellent quality and understanding of your app which also helps in promotion. When you send an email to your Bloggers for app review definitely send them your video link. This will help them to understand your app completely and help them to write positive reviews on play store.

7) Make Attractive Icon:

Does anyone see an app with no icon? In play store, people download the app based on their icon. Use Optimized & Beautiful icons for your app.

8) Use Social Media Channels:

Generally, social media is helpful to promote the app. To Increase your downloads, you can use social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube etc.

9) Promote App Through Press-release:

If you are a part of PR agency, that sends newsletters to Bloggers and techies about advanced apps. It will going to be huge benefit for your app.

10) Advertisements to Your App:

If you developed a paid app then always keep a budget for ads. Make advertisements and put your ads banners on famous android blogs. For the easy promotion of your app take the route of Guest blogging.

Well, these are some points to put your Android app on the rank or get more downloads. As you see, it is not all that complex. Take it easy and see the above tricks we discussed can do for you and your Android app business. If you want to develop any android app then you should hire best android app development company. Contact Us for further information.