4 things developers Overlook when prototyping a Mobile App



It’s thrilling when one is affirmed to start building your mobile app. The app developers India team is full of concepts and everyone is ready to initiate. But it needs planning to do.


The Issue is, once you open up your app it’s mouth watering to just add every idea you can come up with. This can end up with perplexing prototype for the app developers, massive app development delays, and a less score user experience.

So it’s important to list out bit things in mind before diving in.


1) Proper Website Integration



Most of the organization realize that they need to create integrated approach for mobile we development.


This means that their web app would directly upgrade with their existing online offerings. But this is not the case For example if you have a shopping cart integrated with your web app then the same module should be called in your mobile app even .


But , it depends mainly on how to maintain your database and especially how you integrate your web services to be called with your mobile applications.


It is very important to check it out that the web services should be properly integrated with your mobile app and should also remember to integrate the same when you deal with the project Estimations.


2) You are not in curb of your own fortune


Unlike the web where it is an open environment mobile platforms are surrounded by the doorman's. Apple is particularly very harsh when it comes to admitting your app in the App-Store. They often take 15-20 days to review your app once it is deployed and updated.


These Deployment requirement includes several app screen shots, detailed description of app along with its features , inclusion of legal clause and pretty more.


Though there are 1000+ apps been deployed in App-store we often have to alter our App-Store Retention corresponding to apple's review.


So make sure that you create Apple Publisher Account and Google developer Account before you deploy your app in Store as if any issue arises you hve to keep waiting till apple resolves with you.


3) Device Compatibility & Testing



As you know that there are thousands of device in competition that have fringed up in market. Mobile World has created lots of competition that it has become difficult for applications to endure in such a competitive era.


Android app can run typically on multiple devices depending on its specification and OS. It is difficult to find loopholes where developers are working to resolve n issue occurring on OS & its combo. You would be surprised to know how two phones can have variation.


Developers needs to test each and every feature of app before deploying it in store

They need to be assured that the apps is compatible with all the working devices and have to prepare list accordingly including various versions, OS , platforms before deployment.


4) Marketing App is not a baby-sit


Everyday there are 1000+ apps been published in App-Stores. Only an idiot can think that he can get thousands of downloads by simply deploying app in app store Following things are to be kept in mind for marketing your app leading more downloads:


1) Encourage social Media Campaign by tweeting your app on various Social platforms


2) Share your app details on various social Apps.


3) Online marketing through other apps


4)Sway current customers through Email or Whatsapp or Insta or other form


So these are Some of the crucial points to be remembered working with app development companies that brings awesomeness in apps developed. For further queries Contact us.