5 Misconception About Android OS Should Overlook


Android has taken over its place as one of the dominant platforms in the mobile industry and the reason behind the scenes is its outreach to end number of users. Though iOS service is far better than the android but still, it's expensive smartphone device is one of the biggest reason where android wins the battle. Though Android is an open-source operating system still, it is in the limelight of many misconceptions. Despite several things that OS has to bring about, still there are people who do not trust and the reason are the below misconception.

Myth 1: Switch to 2G, adding more battery life

Though it's true that 2G consumes less battery power as compared to 3G but constant switching between both the networks will drain the high amount of your device battery. One of the best alternative to go with is to take necessary cautions to save the battery from draining.

Myth 2: Android seems to be much complicated for beginners

Many of the users think that android is quite complex to understand and harder to get the hands on the things. But it is not so. To get start with, trying out some simple task and once you have good hands on the skill and mastered the things then you can move on with some complications but just see that never opt to do the things you are not aware or ready for. If you try to do the things you have no idea for I doubt whether any tutorial or Google can fix up the things for you.

Myth 3: Task Killers – Necessity for android

We always argue about whether our mobile should consist of task killers or not, but the reality is that they are the ones that damage your device. They only make you aware of the memory they frees up but do not make you aware of the CPU cycles the application uses. Importance should be given to CPU not to the memory as, CPU is the one that slows down your device like the snail. You are slowing down your device by installing these task killers as CPU will kick-start fewer apps that you have killed.

Myth 4: Android is Malware city

Android is not an expression for any malware. It's an open source platform, but it doesn't mean that you will get septic with the malware. Though android is quite secured still, there are some things that you need to carry out to save your android device being septic from malware attacks. Whenever you download any kind of app and feel that it is asking for more permissions just recycle bin this app and try to find the alternative option for the same. Remember that the best way to the download app is from the Google Play store rather than downloading it from the fraud email or the navigation links.

Myth 5: Android crashes are higher and it drags behind iOS

You might have heard that android crashes rates are higher as compared to IOS, Yes android do lags, but which system do not? When using android you are more likely to experience the crash right after the download of the first build of the android. As we know, Android 6.0 is still in its development stages. There are numerous users that have crash reports but, it's not that they will remain like this forever. Updates will come and crashes will be resolved.

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