5 Top-Notch Secrets for Best Android App Development!


Mobile Industry is one of the fastest growing industry and smartphones are something that has revolutionized the way human interacts. With the development of Smartphones, Mobile app usage has grown tremendously and so is the download rates from PlayStore. According to the report, Google download rate is 70% higher than that of Apple and the demand of android is been seen in countries like Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia and Mexico. The developers are making the choice to develop android apps and why they should not? It is one of the most dominant platforms which is used by the majority of the population residing in the urban city and is one of the desired platforms for developers to go with. With the emergence of IOT which is keeping its footsteps in the world of Android development, Android is expected to be one of the next big things of the future technology. So, you watch and hear Android surrounding you, right?

So, if you want to follow the craze of the Android app development then, keep an eye on these secrets to get the best out of it.

1) Know your audience properly

The Android has huge user ratio as compared to iOS Platform and so, it gives android more advantage to explore the industry as compared to iOS. As per the stats, the emerging new markets are expected to be the main users of the android platform but, the purchasing power of developing country is low as compared to those of developed country. So, it is quite crucial to scrutinize the market scenario before opting for development. Charging for the android app would lead to less user base of your app as the purchasing power of the developing country is low as compared to developed country. Instead if you opt for freemium apps, it will lead to the high user base and meanwhile earning can be made possible through options like In-App purchases, Affiliate Programming etc.

2) Be Design Ready

Most of the times developers are always busy in copying the UI/UX design of the previously developed projects which does not add much reckon to the application. So, to avoid redundancy follow these simple design guidelines to develop an amazing app.

i) Abstraction Principle: Implementing abstraction principle will avoid the information duplication at the times when the program is running live.

ii) Logic Independent: The UI code must be kept in a separate file from the logic code. So, that both the codes can run simultaneously on different screens.

iii) Github: Several design templates will be available with the help of which you can make wonderful designs.

3) Know about Set of tools

For the development of any android app, you need to have a proper environment setup with all the tools and software installed. You can install following tools to develop android app in proper environment:

1) Android SDK

2) IDE

3) Android studio

4) Java SDK

4) Conduct Enhanced Testing

An application is incomplete without conducting proper testing. It is always the best way to hire android app developer that can conduct proper testing as it is aware of all the technical issues that arise during testing. One can also conduct Alpha and Beta test for better results.

Alpha Test:

It is handled by small developers group which will provide you with the detailed bug reports along with the code optimization tactics.

Beta Test:

A larger number of audience to test the Beta version of the application which gives you exactness in results as it is tested by huge no of the audience.

We Hope that these tactics have cleared out many of your confusions. Still, if you have any doubt, Hyperlink Infosystem which stands amongst the top app development companies is always here to assist you. Contact us now and get the free quote from us!