8 Stunning Features For E-commerce Mobile Applications


Shoppers have suddenly shifted the mobile shopping due to ease of buying process and fast access. In the competitive time, it’s difficult to attract and hold the shoppers for a long time. At each level, your business app is needed to engage & retain the customers.

Smooth end-user experience is essential for any app to get active downloads. So, if all the things with mobile applications go well, then people prefer mobile apps over the responsive eCommerce websites. Small and big companies selling their goods online now direct on mCommerce applications by eCcommerce app development. App developers from top app development companies suggest must have e-commerce mobile app features to deliver a wonderful user experience.

1) Simple registration process:

Most of the clients will not like to elect the long forms demanding too much information. Make the registration process as so easy as possible and put minimum needed fields for the security operation. People rarely favor optimizing the app which demands too much information for a registration. Do not force the users to log-in or register till the checkout. Originally, the app must take the users to the home page and users must be able to navigate by it without any difficulty. Sometimes, unnecessary ads & publicity also leave a bad impact.

2) Simple and Uncluttered Navigation:

The retail eCommerce stores have various products of different categories to sale. App developers must code the app in a way that allows easy and simple navigation. Customers must be able to reach to their wanted products & services simply. Keep the different screen sizes of devices in mind, though crafting an eCommerce app. Make sure the content is not filled up when it arrives. Design an uncluttered layout and this is the primary feature that your business app must have in this period. Every product must be displayed impressively. Developers should focus so, visitors get informational links with minimum clicks.

3) Effective Onboarding:

Personalization of app with minimalistic design gives good impression while user begins with your app. Surely, all the line-up features must be beautiful & effective. But, the thing is if onboarding is not important, then apps may lose traffic and user engagement. Online transaction is the best feature of E-commerce app.

4) All Payment Options Supported:

Sometimes it happens that a client has a strong wish to purchase a product from the specific mobile app and he does not find the payment option he requires, then it may result in the reduced sale ratio. Put all possible payment options that are mostly preferred by the maximum shoppers. This is one of the most important E-commerce mobile app features.

5) Eye-popping Themes and Unlimited Product Limit:

Attractive designs and graphics play an important role to take attention quickly. People remember the good and interactive design for a long time. So, app designers need have some skills to select the popular colors & themes for an excellent user experience. Any component of design must not be filled up with the devices of different screen sizes. The number of product uploads must be infinite. Even small businesses can have various products to sell. So, an app developer requires coding for infinite product uploads. This is a crucial feature for E-commerce mobile app design & development.

6) Push Notification:

Joining the push notifications means you can reach to all end user with an immediate effect. For time-being marketing, special offers & promotions, push notifications present worth results. Online shopping apps usually launch new products and announce discount suggestions or seasonal sales. E-commerce mobile app design & development looks incomplete without Push notification. This is an ultimate feature to raise up the sales fastly. The programmers also integrate it with Analytics and gain excellent outcomes.

7) Combine the Google Analytics:

Most eCommerce are always expected to earn the revenues. So, the authorities must keep their eyes on a review of their app. This is a significant feature for the business owner, not only for the users. Sellers can come to know the buying pattern of shoppers. Google Analytics show their behavior of purchasing the products. Understand users’ interest by the session time, a cost of conversation, click-through rate, and accessing design fields. By analyzing clients’ behavior, it’s simple to define any business strategy for business growth.

8) Get the Customer's Trust:

Too much information is not needed all the time. Clients are supposed to get some perfect & reliable information. When your app is giving too much information and the customer is not able to find the exact information he is looking, then it may improve bounce rate. Build the client’s trust by allowing latest stuff. Gain the trust by helping potential clients with ultimate security and confidentiality.

Above discussed are just main features which Every E-commerce app must have. Excluding these, there are many further features which make the app most successful. Contact to the top app development company, Hyperlink Infosystem for further app development.