An Ultimate Guide by Top App Development Companies to Create Enterprise Mobile App Strategy


Mobility has turned quite huge. It has changed the way how businesses interact with customers and is now disturbing the way people, processes and the technology channel communicate with the ecosystem. What is really powerful, is the speed and scale at which locomotion is being adopted and its origin as a key strategic initiative. Businesses, at which ever commencement stage they are, knows that there is huge capabilities with mobility which is ready to burst. But, what they need is a clear and precise mobile strategy that can foster solutions that suits their requirement and needs and that can help them realize their business goals, converting them into a huge digital enterprise.

According to the recent survey on 200 employees :


• 75% employees do agree that mobility do impacts greatly over their business as compared to web in 1990's.

• 1/3rd of the executives quoted mobility in their top 2 priorities while other 76% people rated it in top 5.


Due to such impact of mobile in the daily schedule of people, in this post we will discuss the need of mobile strategy, what are the key elements includes and the challenges faced during strategy.

What exactly is an Enterprise Mobile Strategy?


An enterprise mobile strategy is a framework that consist of business, people, technology and process combined in a sphere that binds mobility in the form of technology with the entire ecosystem that allows organizations/enterprises to define their goals and practices in engaged with the mobile. Mobile strategy is a kind of efforts tied with the business goals that makes a technology road map for a successful implementation of the goals. Moreover, it gives you elasticity to give a tap on future advancements and develop your strategy with the alteration of your business environment and ecosystem.

The need for enterprise mobile strategy is wide!


As per some survey we found that around 90% people find mobile strategy very challenging to somewhat challenging. But, why so? Most of the organizations consider mobile strategy as addition to their infrastructure. Moreover, we have seen that organizations do adopt need basis approach rather than opting for holistic approach.

The Need arises because....


The lack of enterprise mobile strategy restricts the growth and potentials to operate various business modules on the go. Lack of mobile app strategy may incur poor user engagement as users did not found the mobile app user-friendly. Though lack of mobile strategy may incur us with some loss whereas, creation of mobile strategy may avail many benefits like:


• It widens the productivity by boosting up needs of employees and process the requirements in the same manner.


• It makes enterprise more responsive and agile with the customer needs and requirements and so, indirectly increases the brand perceptions.


• Widens the business scope and leads to increase in ROI.


• It allows business to create clear and precise terms and policies for mobile engagement.

Some Key Factors of Mobile Strategy!


Some of the key factors involved to develop comprehensive mobile strategy are :

1) Objectives


It is the most important step to identify the objectives. Every objective should be exhibited in detail so that it can help to develop better mobile strategy that leads to better productivity, minimum response time and faster response to customer grievances.

2) Users


What business needs to identify is their potential users, whether they are employee or Customers? What do they expect and what are their requirements? How you can integrate mobile technology with awesome infrastructure to arrive with the expected target?

3) Technology


One of the most difficult part is selecting technology that not only fulfill current needs and requirements but also prove to be beneficial for future endevours.

4) Measurement


Planned strategy may cart you the right tools and metrics to evaluate deliverable. What are the monetary gains after mobile initiative? How is the satisfaction level of customer?


Each aspects when considered as individual entity will answer many questions.

To conclude


Mobile is not a choice to be selected, it's today's necessity for all the big labeled gigs to establish its business at the next level. So, if you are planning to go for mobile approach then Hyperlink Infoystem which is amongst the top app development companies is the right business development partner for you. It's skillful & efficient developers and resource bank will prove as a backbone for you to develop successful enterprise apps at affordable cost. Contact us now and get a free quote from us.