“Android Studio 2.2” published: Latest UI designer & Constraint Layout


Google I/O brought us a preview of the next important release in the form of Android Studio 2.2 Preview. This report is a great update that makes upon focus to create a quick & productive integrated development environment -IDE for Android as well as it is also a great news for top app development companies. Some of the important and valuable features which are added in this latest version are as follows:

Instant Run:

IDE exchanges your code changes in one of three methods:

1) For incremental modification : Hot Swap- Fastest

Applied by IDE when modifications are done in code. Android Studio 2.2 Diverts code path to pickup changed the code.

2)Activity Restart : Warm exchange

Applied by IDE when there are resource changes.

3) Restart App : Cold Swap

Applied through IDE when there are any basic changes.

Android Studio involves a change in AAPT which gives us New & Enhanced AAPT in Android Studio 2.2 ahead Studio 2.2, on increasing resource or adding further resource AAPT was renumbering each resource Ids. So on a code addition, we were getting Cold exchange rather of Hot trade. New AAPT will continue all resource Ids as consistent. So, Android Studio 2.2 will provide more Hot trades rather of Cold Swaps. Split API and the android API that stores which developed by the whole information regarding the development.

Split APK is a unique way of making on android app development is used in Studio 2.2. On developing App, Studio 2.2 will crash your app in 11 to 12 dex files & when complete build id completed, Studio 2.2 actually just rebuilds changed the code. Above two will help to improve develop speed for Android Apps on Android Studio 2.2.

Visitor or layout Editor:

Drag and Drop widgets from the palette to the design exterior or the basic tree view of your app. It will be ready for Menu files, Preference files which will help our work while designing XML for these. Properties panel will display a set of properties for active widget edits with a whole sheet of advanced properties one click away.

On Design exterior, we have Blueprint Mode & Design Mode. Blueprint method is essentially X-Ray mode of Design Mode. This mode is especially useful for latest Layout added that is Constraint Layout. These topics will help to understand about Constraint Layout.

Constraint Layout:

Constraint Layout is a different flexible layout manager for your app. It enables you to build dynamic user interfaces without retreating multiple layouts. Constraint Layout seems like Relative Layout but it can further efficiently express your app design than different layouts. Constraint Layout permits you to define the relation between looks or group of views in your layout.

Android Studio 2.2’s New Project wizard applies Constraint Layout as default layout for several of its project templates. Additionally, to change any layout to Constraint Layout with the updated Android Studio 2.2, picked Design Tab, right click on layout, & choose Convert to Constraint Layout from a context menu.

Layout Inspector:

As an app developer, many times we need to examine UI layout rendering. Layout Inspector will make that for you. Applying Layout Inspector, one can debug a snapshot of application layout running on the Android device. Inspect the view hierarchy as well as corresponding attributes.

To take a snapshot from an emulator, make sure that layout will be clear on Device. From Android Studio, tap Android Monitor & select Layout Inspector tab for inspecting layout rendering.

Firebase Plugin:

Firebase is a platform that helps you to make a high-quality app. Firebase provides you the tools from Google to help you build, increase and get money from your applications. In Android Studio 2.2, Assistant tab is ready, that will help the app developer to take an instruction for multiple features which appears under it. To add Assistant tab select Tools & click on Firebase.

This plugin will enable every developer to add services with few clicks.

Know Some of the awesome services are as follows:

 Cloud Messaging

 App Indexing


 Actual-time Database


 Test Lab

 Crash Reporting

Merged Manifest Viewer:

Addition to the latest version of Android Studio, presently we will get added choice for a manifest file that is Merged Manifest.

This tab will provide the great idea about how manifest merges with app addiction for all project build modifications.

Espresso Test Recorder:

This espresso test recorder tool will help testers who gets troubled with writing long & continual UI tests. With this features, testers can record or make by communicating with an application on Android Device. Android Studio will take care of taking UI interactions & change them to Espresso Test. No further efforts are needed to write UI tests.


APKAnalyser is applied to get into app APK file. This tool will help you to get download size & what is taking further memory. Choose Build from Studio Main Menu & click on Analyse APK choice. You can scan any APK file by choosing a path from file explorer.

As now, Android Studio 2.2 is open in Canary version. So You can download Android Studio 2.2 Preview from a canary site. Contact Hyperlink Infosystem and get the best android app development with affordable cost.