App Store Optimization: Things to Boost Your Apps Downloads!


Things to Raise an App Downloads!

So, You have finally developed your own application. You like your design, and it runs flawlessly on each device you tested it on. The corner you found is unexplored & competition-free. There is only one problem and yes, it is a big one: No one is downloading your application, oops!!

If that’s the problem, you have run into the equal problem many app developers face after they publish their applications. But don’t be worried – if you have an app you want the entire world to use, you can make it happens easily.

Everything it takes is a little effort and the right know-how to bring your app to the attention of the crowd. Hence, to learn the great ways to increase your mobile app downloads, let’s first know how applications are downloaded in the initial place.


How App Store Optimization Works:

I am sure that you have heard of SEO. But have you heard of ASO – App Store Optimization?

Both are very comparable in relation to your app’s progress, but ASO has even a big effect on its listing than SEO does for Google search result. ASO is particularly what improves the clarity of your app in the marketplace. The large its rank, the more users will get your app when they search.


There are quite a few factors that affect your ASO:


Keyword relevance

App downloads

Positive reviews



Social proof



App starts


Taking all of these into account can dramatically change the way your app is observed by the common public, and how it is used by app store algorithms. Now that you have a great understanding of where your app resides once it's announced, let’s look in more detail at some best ways to boost your app’s downloads.


Create an attracting App Icon:

Your application icon is the initial thing somebody sees in the app store, thus, the design you select is important to your success. As users scroll by the app store, yours should leap out as eye-catching and recognizable.


Social Media exceed:

Earlier you select on which social networks to use to increase your app’s public persona, you have to choose what side to start from. This indicates your social media voice must set your app’s personality.

Don’t just post information & promotions regarding your app to these platforms. Build conversations & join with your fans. Respond to comments in your app’s voice to improve engagement.


Use Eye-Catching Photos & Videos:

One of the most significant features of your app information is your collection of photos, screenshots, & videos. Photos associated your app that highlight most successful and needed features will directly encourage downloads. Screenshots from your application itself are what users will typically view at after they first find you in search results. The great mixture of these two is essential to encouraging users to click that download button.

Ask for Reviews:

If you can bring positive reviews from fans of your application, you can notice your downloads grow exponentially. Reviews that represent your app a helpful download or maintain it gives a great user experience are “testimonials” that allow other users know your application is worth downloading.

Focus on the User:

It is not all about the number of downloads you make. It is also essential to know how, when, where, and through whom your app is used. The data you will get on with your download tracking will help you set your app marketing & increase your tactics for boosting those downloads.

Making more downloads for your app is not ever the simplest thing to accomplish. But, if you make use of these tips and best practices, you will see a significant increase in downloads and app store rankings. If you achieve all of this successfully, No one can stop you to make your company among the top app development companies. Contact us now to develop a successful mobile app for your needs.