Are Agile development & mobile apps the ideal mate for each-other?



The top app development Companies focuses within ventures is now mainly on mobile apps. This inclination is confirmed by an Gartner analyst in van baker in his recent blog that by the year 2015, mobile app project that are undertaken for smart phones and tablets will overpower those for pc's and web app by 4:1 ratio.


This makes IT entrepreneurs looking forward for a way to be implemented to speed up their app development projects in such a competitive market.Agile software development—proves well with enterprise software projects before fluidity becomes a topmost priority— would seem to be a feasible answer. But can Agile methodology be applied to mobile app projects, and what might be some of the encumbrances to its espousal?


The good news to hear is that Agile approach can be applied.For mobile application development team are always looking to introduce some lightweight development process like agile software development offering tremendous opportunities to build mob app within a short span life cycles.




Agile development can be defined as the ability to move quickly and easily relating project management methodology that is distinguished by the partitioning tasks into short legs of work and repeatedly reassessment and adaptation of plans.

The enactment of agile development simplifies mobile app development so that the resulting mobile apps are versatile after release. The theory of agile development methodology is sound, and there are several aspects of agile development teams that help put the theory into practice.

Simplicity in design .

Ability to release within short span of time.

Extensive team cooperation, team programming, and testing during development .

foretell the need for change .


Embracing change and using it as an advantage .


The TopAppDevelopmentCompanies Approach to Agile Development




Whenever we begin to develop an android app development India project , we disintegrate functional requirements into user stories, which then become the stepping stone of our app development schedule. We generally work within the framework of two-week sprint sets, and iterate constantly until we reach notable milestones on the mobile app. Sometimes this may result an incredibly large number of business requirements. Agile development makes it possible to dissolve all these requirements into smaller, manageable chunks.


The Top App Development Company Take On Mobile App Testing




Mobile application live on several different operating systems across a broad diversity of devices. As a result, an inclusive testing process is dominant to the conquest of a mobile app. The key to every paradigm of testing is a sense of quislingism and cooperation between testers , mobile design and app development teams in whole you can say teamwork.


One aspect of our wide range of mobile app design and development services is our address to quality assurance and testing. We take an progressive approach and go beyond traditional techniques that includes crowd testing. It provides real-world app success with “in-the-wild” mobile app testing.


The testing process is vital to agile design and development. It allows designers and developers to work coherently with end users that let them understand how their app will be used. Additionally, the testing process conducted helps mobile app designers to build a consistent application across all mobile platforms.


The prototypical aspect of agile development is that development never standstills. A proper agile development team will protract to update and improve their application well once launched. Due to aggressive nature of mobile software, and the standalone summons presented by mobile app development, an growing, agile commence is the best ever practice for mobile application producers.


Every Mobile App Stand In Need Of Great Design


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