Are you Hungry for more quality Apps? If Yes then Appsdrop is the solution!


Getting bored while searching for some good apps? AppsDrop is a free Android app whose focus is to help users to install only good apps.

It's is like quality that is been filtered for Google Play though it is not a bad search engine, but it provides number of results that it is difficult to compare them with the best ones.


Free App Download :





Appsdrop does not consist millions of apps  only the best ones according to their editors that lets you easy downloading of some featured applications within a blink of seconds.




Application Quality:




Using AppsDrop it is easy to find apps as from the design point of view it is identical to Google playstore and its been very easy to find apps as it consist of most reviewed apps reviewed by its editors.



Categorization makes it easy :




Here application are partitioned into 300+ categories that enhances easy browsing of apps rather than Google playstore where they highly depend on the organic searches of search engine.



The most fascinating thing that i loved about this app is their filtering options categorized as free , recommended,new,games, books ,news and much more.



Distinguished Features


1>Finding apps is easy:


-> Due to easy categorization you can easily find apps of your interest that relates to your interest area topic which is a nicest way to discover apps that save time and boredom.



2) One featured app:



It features an app development company that brings tremendous app of the day most recommended by users.


2) Details of app reviews



It gives you all the details regarding app. It's like an meta description about the app user is going to download.


3) Premium app choices:



Now user can just get an app by their keyword by the enormous feature of premium app choices.


Why to choose AppsDrop?


1) Finding quality apps:


It includes only those apps that are reviewed by experts and are highly recommended.


2) Searching apps faster:


It minimizes searching time by bringing out the best app from the searched results saving time for comparison and search.


3) Discovering new apps:


Through search,browse schema it makes it easier to discover new app in appdrops.


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