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Bots in Mobile Application - Extend Your Travel & Logistic Business Next Level


The information & technology industry has seen unprecedented changes in the past decade than ever before. The appearance of smartphones covered way for mobility solutions to allow businesses a personalized access to customers. Mobile apps have now become one of the significant sources of income generation for businesses, top app development companies as well as start-ups. The modern innovation that is bringing about a paradigm shift in mobility solutions is internet bots. The bots that are currently residing in the instant messaging mobile apps will take the technology world a leap forward.

As a matter of fact, top app development companies has started to test with bots as a way to help both travelers and the businesses working them. Here are a few insights on how bots could grow the travel and logistic industry as a whole.

Bots in Travel Industry

The bot is software that is designed to automate tasks like book tickets, order food, request for a ride and much more. The chatbots are able to simulate human conversation & give the feel as if you are communicating with a human. One of the best and unique implementation of bots would be for the travel industry. The chatbots will be able to offer the great supply chain visibility to customers. With the help of chatbots, the customer will be capable of tracking their shipments in transit. The logistic industry faces a challenge to keep their clients well informed about the shipment.

Bots Offer Customer Support

In the case of business to business supply chain, the transparency of operations in the supply chain becomes all the more important. Currently, there is a speech in the communication as the logistic providers only give a tracking code to clients through which they can track their shipments by mobile apps.

If a customer is fully aware of the location of the shipment, there are troubles in finding out the reasons for delays or conditions of the shipment. The internet chatbots will help in building a dialogue with customers. Customers can simply interact with chatbots by messaging apps and get all the information which they need about their shipments.

Bots to Improve Customer Engagement

Imagine only pressing a button and sending your bots to deal with the condition while seeing the process live from your control room. To save money and giving better customer service is excellent. The messaging platforms of today have a broad variety of multimedia content. The bots will be able to generate visual presentation to give information to the clients. The location of the package on the map and actual pictures of the shipment can be shared by chat bots. With the help of multimedia content, bots will be capable to significantly enhance customer engagements & satisfaction.

In near future, the travel and logistics industry will observe more implementations of internet bots within mobile applications, that will definitely improve productivity and boost revenues. Contact us.