Whoa ! the worlds leading technology is emerging over here ..! UK people will soon be able to make up their transportation payments by just a tiny Symbol known as Contactless cards ..! Now no need to carry phones, debit or credit cards or dollars just simply show cards in front of Contactless readers and you are done..! you can make payment up-to £30.


So, Whenever you see the symbol and you payment is done. It uses Radio Frequency Identification(RFID) and Near Field Communication(NFC) to done up with payment security.





Traveling Contact less:


It is mandatory that you use only one card for payment. If you read one card and pay from another then you can be charged for two journey fairs that you haven't traveled yet.


Cash Safety:


Here, Security concern is the top most priority that is been taken care of for payment security. Payments done are 100% secured using latest and advanced technology.


Lost and Found:


Don't worry if you have misplaced your card . Just Contact TFL. They will take care of your card and payment balances but, do not send broken or damaged cards to TFL.





Security Concern in Contactless Payments:


1) Considering all payment devices, contactless cards have a number of security features. Contactless cards runs over the same chip and PIN network as of normal credit and debit card transactions.


2) There are payment limit on single transactions, and some cards are used only certain number of times before customers are asked to enter for their PIN.


3) Transactions of Contactless debit and credit are protected by fraud guarantee as of standard transactions.


4) To check whether a contactless card that has been delivered do belongs to authorized card holder and if not, the contactless part of the card will not work properly till the time a standard chip and PIN transaction has been executed successfully.


Under fraud committing standards U.S. banks are liable for any fraudulent transactions that takes place and is charged from the contactless cards.


There have always been concerns about identification of theft, but to meet over to this concern, the network guidelines deny a contactless card containing cardholder's actual name; instead of that a placeholder name is being used.


Many Top App Development Companies in India is working on the same and try to bring out the best out of it. But still for India, this is still at an early stage of using such high-tech payments, but is not so distant in future, we will be able to pay with our smart phone, much like we prefer for Contactless transaction.


App Development Companies also have many opportunities through this Contactless Payments which they can grab it to introduce something new in the market.