Do Top App Development Companies Accept Small Projects?


So you have been fighting tooth and nail to bring your app development team to the pinnacle of success. However, you have gotten to the point that most of the projects coming your way are the small ones that don’t pay as much as the big boys do. So your question is: should you accept small projects considering the level of competition that you now operate in? The answer is: a resounding yes!
The reason some top app development companies balk at accepting small projects is that they think that they are worth much more than the small project owners can give. These top app developers might also think that small projects are not worth the effort to accept. However, bear in mind that the app development industry is a finicky business to be in. This means that you might have been riding a wave of big orders but the wave has now tapered off and all that is left are the small projects. So count your blessings that small projects are still coming your way even as the market for big projects dries up.
In the world of app development, it really pays to be accommodating to almost every project owner who asks for your skills and type of service. This is because you really don’t know when a project will come so turning down the small projects is suicide. It is a better option to accept whatever projects will come your way, regardless of size, because this means you and your team have money coming in regularly (even if some projects pay peanuts only).
This does not mean that you shouldn’t discriminate. You should. It is a blessing to be one of the top app development companies because you can find the good projects and discard the bad ones. What we are talking about is the size of the project meaning if small yet quality projects are the ones turning up then welcome them with open arms. These projects might save the life of your team if the market for big projects dries up suddenly. The app development business is just like any other industry that is helpless in the face of market forces.
It is also good to accept small projects because word will go around that you are a reliable app developer and that your team does good work regardless of the size of the project. This can only be good for you and your team because word of mouth advertising is the strongest form of advertising there is. If clients start referring other projects to you then that means you have a pretty good reputation online and even the small clients will be welcome at your team. However, do keep looking for big projects as well because these are the big time work that will help you develop a good portfolio to show project owners in the future. Remember, each marketing push will probably involve presenting your portfolio to clients so going slow yet steady is really the way to go.