Google’s project tango, an endeavor that will change the way machines behave


The efforts towards making the object viewing and processing better and better have been making for quite a long. This is an area which not just includes big league players, but the organizations which have never made them public, were also on the toes to get their hands on stunning viewing solutions. Motion sensing, Augmented reality, virtual 3D environment, multi-dimensional mapping are a few of the aspects this viewing solutions include, which have made all those techno-titans so ambitious to get after. Amongst all, the Google has gone so far, that he not only enhanced the 3D viewing and processing, above all, the company established a platform from where app development companies can make the relevant applications the way they want.


The platform is known as ‘project Tango’, the system that has dug deeper into the visuals, more than any existing gadget. As per the company explains, project tango being a platform, interprets the surrounding environment utilizing computer vision. It is said to be Google’s huge leap towards the future where the devices would have immense ability to identify environment closely in the fraction of a second. The search giant envisions to make it as capable as your eyes, that’s how your eyes see a moving object, sends data to the brain where the brain processes the data provides the judgment towards size, speed and distance. Well, sounds effortless for us, but for those machines, it would be a milestone and for Google, gradually they are marching towards this brilliant breakthrough.





The said platform is being provided with a specialized 7 inch tablet known as project Tango development kit, with which the developers can create their own set of applications. Having known about project Tango, let’s learn about the tasks it undertakes. The Tango tablet is installed with depth sensors can portray the objects virtually, from wherever it passes. It opens gateway for the virtual world to interact with the real world in lot many sorts. Motion tracking sensors enabled the project to precisely understand the motions and orientations of an object. These tablets are also having their own advanced area recognition system, from which they can identify the area around them.


Unities SDK, Java, C are the APIs which project Tango tablet comprises. Though Google is the main company under the hood of whom the project Tango is getting shaped, there are numerous organizations are closely associated to make this project work and their contribution holds humongous significance for the success of this project. Autodesk, nvidia, Bosch, Elements Studio, ETH Zurich, Qualcomm etc. are some names from the vast list of participating companies. And as per the latest news, the chipset champ Intel and Google are bringing RealSense to the phones via project Tango kit.

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