How to Delegate Work at Top App Development Companies


One problem that you may have encountered while building your app development company is how to delegate work. This can be a problem because sometimes there is more work than team members can handle. Another reason this can be a problem is if there are more team members than projects at the moment. Delegating work does become difficult when either of these scenarios is present. So what do you do to solve it?

First of all, you should have a marketing specialist that you've appointed in one of the top app development companies, you've chosen, whose main job is to scout for new projects for your team members. This person will not do anything but go around online and in real time looking for new clients who will assign fresh work to your team. If there is no work it is the marketing specialist who will have to answer to you so that you can address the problem head on.

Secondly, if there is more work than team members at the moment, you can always divide the work so that each team member receives a token amount of responsibilities. Better to do this that way so that no team member is left idle for too long. It is also a good way to foster teamwork amongst your team members. This is actually a good scenario because it means your marketing specialist has been very effective at generating work for the team. Your main difficulty will be scheduling work so that no client will be left unattended to. Always ask the client for a reasonable length of time for you to adjust the schedules of your team members so that the current job is done with and sent for approval to the client before a new project is assigned. Your job is to juggle clients then so that there will always be work for team members to do.

Third, if there are more team members in one of the top app development companies that you've selected than work on a prolonged basis then obviously something is seriously wrong with your system. Perhaps you will have to let go of a junior member of the team if this scenario is prolonged because it doesn’t make sense to pay a non-performing member of the team. For one thing your bottom line will be wrecked and for another the other team members might comment that there are team members who are receiving pay but are not working actively. You and your marketing specialist have to discuss whether to keep hunting for new projects or to simply let go of some team members to protect the financial stability of the rest of the team.

Delegating work is sometimes difficult if you are a micro manager type of team leader. You might even miss doing the coding yourself but if you do the coding that might deprive other team members of any work or any creativity with their version of the work. Sometimes the most important skill to learn is to be able to stand back and keep yourself busy with other tasks so that the programmers on your team are free to do what they were hired to do.