How to Handle Infighting at Top App Development Companies


One problem many managers do encounter regularly is conflict among and between team members. Even top app development companies are not immune to this problem. The reasons infighting occurs are many but most of the time they have to do with jealousy because some members of the team might be more skilled, work harder, and generally produce better results than the rest. How do you contend with infighting when it rears its ugly head in your team?

First of all, many managers only become aware there is a problem when the project stalls. The project will stall because the team members are no longer working as a solid cohesive group. Rather, team members become individualistic and may even refuse to work with other members of the team. Since time and quality are needed to produce good work, it is definitely your task to step in and figure out how the conflict arose in the first place because your team’s survival (and yours) depends on the work being completed with 100% perfect results.

You may notice that infighting sometimes crops up due to petty issues, even in top app development companies. Team member A may notice that Team member B has been getting a lot of praise from the team leader for work well done. Or maybe Team member B may get peeved by the personal habits of Team member C. And the funny thing is the smaller the cause of the issue the bigger the problem it produces. Well, people are people and even app development programmers are simply human so it is small wonder that problems do crop up over personal differences. Your problem is what to do when the cause of the conflict turns out to be something small and rather insignificant.

An iron fist is sometimes necessary to solve these kinds of problems. You can gather the team together and issue an ultimatum: “Either you guys get back to work or we will lose this project. It’s your choice.” Make it clear to the team that you are prepared to dissolve the team and let each team member go his own way if the conflict is not resolved quickly. Because if the problems continue and escalate, no one will be doing the work anyway so your client will terminate the contract. You are not making an idle threat – rather, you are just telling them the consequences of such infighting in plain black and white. It may be uncomfortable for you, especially if you have worked with these guys for years, but it may be necessary.

If this still doesn’t work and the squabbling continues, then make good on your threat. Dissolve the team and then go about assembling a new group of app development specialists, exclusive of the dissolved team members. It is better sometimes to make a fresh start with a new group of app development programmers than to endure petty squabbles that get in the way of the smooth and regular app development that you were aiming for in the first place.