How to save your business from cyber criminals


Now a days the “Bad guys” don't refer to the ones who bully people and roam around with chains and baseball bats but “thugs” are referred to many waifs which are associated with some organized cyber crime. These muggers are using their brains to find businesses to wrangle with. They want some sensitive and offensive data from other companies and yours may be next.

Following players may affect your company's data and app development companies should get rid of them:





@ Programmers: These skilled geek pros write and code the virus which infect the company's computer network.

@ Carders: These people steal debit and credit card details and put on another blank cards which they cover with foil to create duplicates out of it.

@ Hackers: These are the people who break into company's computer network and corrupt them fully.

Social Engineers: Such swindle artists make ingenious schemes to trick people to utter confidential information or visit websites that download virus.

@ Rogue systems providers: They run run meticulous businesses that supply servers for cyber thieves.


These cyber criminals want valuable data such as credit card numbers, bank account information, home addresses, email addresses and some more personal information. In this loot process they can also take over the information of existing account or open new ones on your name to make crooked charges. They start their hacking process after gathering your personal information like email address, birth date etc.,


Now the question arise that how would you educate your own employees to prevent this cyber crime and how much is it necessary to spread awareness about it. This is called “threat defense”. For the same there are three different approaches you can make which are following:


1) Know and let your employees know that what information is important to your business


2) Only focus on the threats which are relevant to your business


3) Make sure that your respond quickly on the threat after detection





We have some more tips which you can use to keep cyber crime away from your businesses.


1) Keep your computer operating systems, browsers and system software updated and regularly managed and patched.


2) Get a firewall plus software that protects your systems from viruses, phishing attacks and spyware.


3) Conceal your wireless network.


4) Set controls and restriction on software and set up administrative rights. This will allow you to keep anyone away from installing or downloading any file without any authorization.


5) Use filtering which controls access to data so that hackers or employees can not use the confidential data of the company.


6) Try to implement strict password policies.


7) Conceal entire drives, different folders and files.


Adopting a security software is a must thing to do to prevent cyber crimes. Risk assessment and data loss prevention software will help you to keep a tab on all the activities which is occurring on company's systems. White hat hackers sometimes use the tricks of black hat hackers which includes many tricks of social engineering. Many companies have started taken the precautions and actions against these cyber crime. So we hope that these tricks may help you to save your business from these geek cons. Top App Development companies is a mobile application Development company providing services for App Development and that's why they need to save their business from cyber criminals.