Know How Mobile Technology is Transforming The Phase of Transportation


Mobile technology is promoting so many areas of our lives & transportation is no complaint. Either it is in New York, London or New Delhi, like smart technology is improving the way we travel & allowing a new level of interaction between drivers and passengers.

Now, you no longer need to reach in a line to buy tickets during rush hour. Alternatively, you can pay for your trip with your mobile phone.

Some travel applications can even keep you up to date about any obstacles to your normal journey and train conductors can even communicate across a GSM network.

As per a news, 85% of transportation official confirmed that combining mobile technology is their top strategic priority. Additionally, applying smartphones is the most significant transport change of the decade, according to industry experts.

However, in what ways is it simplifying transportation? How can transportation operators capitalize the advantage of mobile technology? We answer these questions in this article. So, read on to learn more.


Constant payment:

Mobile technology is changing the way passengers purchase tickets as it organized contactless payments. To get this better, consider the following example.

Since 2003, London's peoples have been using Oyster smart cards to swipe their access on the city buses & the tube. And, in 2014, a unique payment system came out which allowed passengers to apply credit or debit cards for contactless payments.

However, smartphones are replacing this for an even more convenient means of payment in London. Presently, travelers can pay for their tour in advance by swiping a bar code on their mobile phone to obtain access to the system.

The exciting part is that more than 80% of the respondents are even preparing to pay more to use their smartphones to buy tickets.


Accurate Scheduling:

Mobile technology is not only restricted to contactless amounts; it is applied for final scheduling as well.

The information is displayed on company’s website through smartphones & on display screens during the network.

Using mobile phones, customers can get perfect advice on where they require to go and have specific information about how long they might have to wait for their train or bus.

Improves Safety:

Another reason why mobile technology is growing more famous among transportation providers is that it allows the transportation directors & drivers to have more accurate and constant interaction. This keeps the lines running at a higher standard of safety & performance.

Cuts Down Road obstruction:

The use of mobile technology secondhand decreases road obstruction as well.

When it become more comfortable to travel by bus or train, the lots of passengers relying on such means of transportation grows and this in change reduces road congestions. This is both much better and harmless for the environment.

Increases Line Management:

Mobile technology not only benefits with public transport; it also helps so many top app development companies. And, a business that is affected the most by this technology is logistics or fleet owners.

Journey planning and management to assure that the operators make pickups & deliveries on time are top preferences for logistics companies. Driver tracking is also important to the success of such businesses.

Nowadays, there are so many mobiles allowed route planning software available that helps business partners plan routes for their drivers in minutes by factoring in all the advanced updates, like traffic, roads to avoid due to construction, left-turns, and avoiding U-turns in downtown.

They can also track where the drivers are on the road with mobile GPS tracking. This serves them take the required actions, covering re-routing different driver if a driver is a slow schedule or sending a replacement team. If a driver holds in a remote area expected to a sudden breakdown.

It is a very extra simplified & comprehensive solution for line management.

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