Know Some Common Security Threats to Business Apps


Enterprises are turning more and more towards business applications for analyzing as well as speeding up business processes. Experts have predicted that by the year 2017, about 30% of the top app development companies will have their private enterprise app stores. While the choice of web apps and mobile apps is growing in the corporates, many companies still need a powerful Enterprise Mobility Management-EMM plan.

New technologies, taking up valuable places in the companies, are also making a process for potential threats to corporate security. Assuring the security of company apps is a difficult issue, regarding a large number of devices, OS, and platforms used. And, corporate system, if hacked, could trigger a chain of damages in the company that may change the whole system seriously. So, such warnings pose a meaningful challenge for the IT departments, which constantly try to improve their technology to improve the app security.

Let’s have a look at the main parts that model protection warnings to the company applications:

BYOD threats:

The Bring Your Own Device -BYOD change is increasing speed these days and is also developing real security threats for the companies. Most of the employees, who have a smartphone or tablet, access corporate data by their own devices applying business mobile applications.

While the initiative has served the corporates by saving money and reducing jobs, it has also arrived with some risks. In case the devices are not central managed and there is no tracking of perfectly how many devices are being used and for what goal, there is a high possibility of data leakage.

Accidental data leakage:

In case the private devices of employees, who obtain corporate data by their smartphones and tablets applying company applications, becomes take, it could quickly reveal the sensitive information of an industry. This is accidental leakage of data and may produce hard difficulties to the company.

Third party application threats:

The BYOD movement has more developed the BYOA-Bring Your Own App move. Tech savvy employees have begins downloading third-party business apps for file sharing and availing additional networking features.While the plans are great after such downloads, it could put the company at risk. There is ever a chance of Malware and Spyware in such applications that could take data and start hateful downloads. In reality, such applications are accidentally hateful due to bad coding and can reveal private corporate data.

Network level threats:

A Company applications can also suffer threats at the network level, particularly when third party applications are applied through the employees. Though the company networks remain secure, external networks to which employees join their devices could be weak. Unsecured Wi-Fi networks could be breaking for the company applications and can trigger data leakage and other undesired actions.

Hacking and virus attacks:

Blocking virus strikes and hacking is another large challenge for company app developers. Most of the applications, in reality, drop victim of some attacks. Hackers are regularly making improvement in their systems, breaking even the strong zones of security. So, there is a dire necessity of constant upgrading of security features so that companies can stay over of the hackers.

Enterprise application security threats are really real but experts are also using the large possible of technology to find out steps to guard the application of some risks. Additionally, avoiding company applications to avoid some threats would mean waiting far back in the competition.

Hense, companies using some applications must be conscious of the threats and devise intelligent plans to get their full advantages, avoiding difficulties. Contact us for further information and get threat free applications for your business.