Know Some of The Famous Android Educational Applications


There is a basic misunderstanding that educational app development is done just aiming school & college students. But this is not in any way near the fact. “Intelligent growth should begin at birth & stop only at death.” This popular quote by Albert Einstein mentions to the fact that it is never too late to study something that you are really involved in.


With that sense, many app developers from India and other countries have tried into educational app development for adults. Here are some awesome android educational applications.


Want to understand more about the events collected at the ATLAS-A Toroidal LHC Apparatus particle detector, like the W boson reduction to an electron and a neutrino? Excited about what’s happening inside the LHC-Large Hadron Collider at CERN, live? Then you have the best app for that.

LHSee can show you events occurred by the particles created during the ATLAS experiments, because 3D wireframe schematics, based on the data taken by the ATLAS particle indicator in actual time.

Speed Anatomy:

Speed Anatomy is a quiz app that supports you to develop your knowledge about the anatomical structuring of a human body in a fast & easy method. It helps you to learn & recognize different body organs and systems like the jejunum, corpus callosum, hamstrings muscle, scapula etc on with its locations.

You can advance to higher levels by scoring points and get to more complicated biological systems.

This app is helpful for anyone from Medical & pharmaceutical students to doctors. As this app is simple to play, simple to understand, interesting, and very educational, it can be applied even by kids.



Babbel is a completely fun way to study a new language. Developed by a team of Europe’s best language experts, Babbel is open in a broad range of languages including German, French, Russian, Turkish, Italian, English, Spanish, etc...

It gives self-paced courses & bite-sized lessons including terms encountered from the situations in regular life, like the things used during shopping, dining, travels, companies etc.

There is a further speech recognition technology that helps you in learning pronunciation and review manager to help you in memorizing words for a long term. And also, there is a choice to sync all your process from your free account.


Star Chart:

Are you someone who love to look at stars, planets, and different nebulas for hours & think how great they are? Then you should get this app installed on your smartphone.

Star Chart app is a pocket-sized science professor and it will make sky watching a completely different experience for you.


Perfect Ear 2:

Perfect Ear 2 gives dozens of quizzes to train your ear on recognizing the various notes in music. You can also create your individual scales & chords by customizing the existing exercises.



Unlike Wikipedia that gives content from their databases alone, Wapedia is an app that attracts information from a range of wikis (Wiktionary, Wikiquote, Wookieepedia, etc.) comprising Wikipedia.


These all app can be found beneficial for any person like a teacher, a physician, either a little seeker of knowledge suggested by top app development companies. Still, if you have any doubt feel free to contact us and get a free quote from us. Contact us now!