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Know Some Phoenomenal Tips To Persist With Your Mobile App Startup


So now, you have the amazing app idea, killer technology, sprouting development team and rooms of determination. Mobile Industry is flooded with millions of applications. Almost 1,000 applications are accepted daily from developers by App and Play store. Looking at the current scenario, many businesses have entered into the mobilization approach, considering the mobile app as a value addition to their business. On one side, there are startup companies that are getting well-known by bringing innovations in the mobile app while, there are companies who are dedicated mobile application startups. As mistakes are prone to happen, every startup during its initial phase make one or the another mistake and it seems painful if your mobile app startups do not survive. It's like having ample amount of resources, technical team, high determination and still, you are not able to be a cutting-edge competitor in the mobile industry. So now, the big question is: What can make startups survive? To answer this, here are some tips shared by top app development companies to make any mobile app startup survive in this cutting edge scenario.

1. Research to Find Out Best Niche:

Majority mobile app startups fail and the reason is simple: They provide things which are already abundant in the market or which is not needed by anybody. Consider to perform secondary research and try to find the bridging gap between customers demand and current market scenario. Once you have found your corner then, evaluate whether your idea has enough appetite to fill the stomach of your decided niche or not.

2. Leverage Unique Services to Consumers:

Once you have decided the domain you want to leap with then, the next step is to leverage some unique services for end users to satisfy their demands. Generally, many startups tend to make this common mistake: Develop app with similar features as of others. In order to survive in this cut-throat technological era, one needs to conduct extensive research on its idea, study existing app portfolio and identify the missing factor. If your startup provides a service app with newer and unique features while keeping existing basic features then, we have reached half on the success roads.

3. Building Support Network:

Having a strong network is absolutely vital, especially when things get tough to survive. Your network should make the inclusion of experienced entrepreneurs, as well as startup companies – That are working hard to get businesses. Your address book should make the inclusion of a number of professionals like the accountant, lawyers, financial planner etc that gives you basic advice at the reasonable cost.

4. Find Best Distribution Engine:

Developers spend maximum time talking about features and functionalities of the app but, they forget that finding right distribution channel is an effective way to grow your business. A product is nothing without getting it out in hands of people. Consider any of the below engines to get your product in eyes of end users:

1) SEO: It takes the huge investment and technical knowledge to be in the first position in eyes of search engine.

2) Partnership ranges from small to big distributor.

3) Viral: Your app needs to have one viral component which is generally missing in majority app deployed in the app store.

5. Experiment:

Though you have a surplus amount of financial resources, you cannot risk it in the very first step. So, just experiment with the idea and conduct deep market research. Bring some innovation where you can allocate your money and resources. Once your app is developed, perform advanced testing so as to avoid any negative reviews from an end user.

6. Determine App Budget:

One of the most significant steps is the identification of how much it would cost to develop an app idea. Evaluate your app idea, consider the factors involved in development process, brainstorm app features and flow with the development team and then decide your overall app budget. As misfortunes are uncertain, keep some surplus amount aside so as to deal with emergencies in a swift way.

7. Admit it When Things Don't Favor You:

To begin with, app startup what you need is knowledge rather than experience. Having good industrial experience will help you to find out the things that no longer works. It will help you to identify what goes wrong and where. Though it's hard to accept failures but, one cannot run from the failures, instead, learn from it and bring the right people together to solve it.


So if you want to be a successful mobile app startup and want to take your business at next level then, be prepared with extensive market researched and full-fledged plan to bang the app market. Do you have an app idea? Then, hire world class app developer amongst the top app development companies and get your app developed to hit the mobile industry. Contact us now.