Know the latest trends about how App Marketing is being driven by Big Data , Cloud computing & IOT


The Internet of Things (IoT) is at last gaining drive. From smart cars , smart watches , homes and smart cities, everyone is like to be ready for IoT. furthermore with Cloud Computing and Big Data, IoT verifies to be a great urge for marketers to amend their present marketing and promotional strategies.





Let's Understand All the Aspects:



1) IOT: An Ingenious App Marketing Mean





The IoT is the latest slang well versed in the IT field. It is deliberated that by 2020, 75 billion devices will be in connection to the Internet of Things, that makes a profitable platform for marketers.


Because it connects ‘system of systems’ over the internet with the use of wireless technology , it makes easygoing for marketers to broadcast information in real-time to the intended consumer base.


For Example marketers will be able to get sales data , purchase data, consumer approach , feedback ,complaints all in real-time which helps them to expand their advertisement / promotional strategies. They can also use IoT to drive advertisements on affiliated devices, relevant to their aimed consumers.


In addition to this with the use of sensors in various systems in IoT, marketers will be able to outStreach huge number of customers which they haven't come across. Blend of IoT + social media, proves great combination when we look from app marketers’ perspective.


2) Big Data : Data Analysis for better Strategies



A well- connected world is good news for businesses. It allows them to re-collect lot of consumer data from smart devices, without any hardships. Today itself, many businesses are collecting data-sets this way. But then, what after collecting huge dataset? The answer is pretty obvious; it usually ‘collects dumps’ on the servers.

This is as large no of businesses don't know that these huge data can turn the tables of marketing round.




Survey of of consumer behavior


What lifestyle do consumers follow?


What time consumers are likely active & inactive on which category of app?


Which kind of app are in purchase demand?


This Same data can prove to be beneficial for analysis if we want to make a new app.


3) Cloud Computing: Expands App Marketers’ Skyline



Cloud Computing is of excellent importance for the forthcoming of digital media and has a crucial influence in application marketing.

A basic advantage that Cloud Computing carts marketers is the choice to save and operate data worldwide and this turns latest one over traditional system. Practicing it, app marketers can use a individual point of contact system for all their systems.


Cloud Computing tenders them a lot of major benefits at low costs.Improved security, better connectivity, multiple support, enormous flexibility, are some of the other advantages that cloud put off for app marketers.


Undoubtedly a combination of Big Data, IoT, and Cloud Computing is going to take off app marketing to the new grounds. Don't have marketing strategies? Don't worry top app development companies will guide you . Connect us to plan best ever strategies with us .!