Link Building Counterparts Content Marketing : Two Sides of the Same Coin


 This was one of the hottest topic to be discussed for SEO professionals back in the year 2015 and the Same question upholds its weight in the current February 2016. It's a great matter of concern for many new comers entering in the field of SEO & digital Marketing that what holds the high ranks in Google LINK BUILDING or CONTENT MARKETING. Which technique holds more importance?




As per my view, both the techniques hold equal importance. They both are like two birds of the feather but what is important is to select proper methodology at right time in accordance to the demand of your business .


Now, Lets have an eye of some basic fundamentals of both the technique before entering into the world of SEO collation.


Link Building


It's a process of linking up of related websites, blogs and the stuff that directly engages to the phrased content can be considered as link building or you can say back-link.




There are so many ways to build up a link as like :


1) Blog -commenting

2) Forum Posting

3) Guest Post

4) Internal content link

5) Link Exchange and many more to be explored.


Link building can be performed through :


Manual Link : it involves keyword analysis that makes an SEO professional aware about the current trending keywords freased up in market.


Paid Link : These are the links that has attached some monetary gain with them . Such type of links are not feasible for high ranking in Google Ranking.


Organic Link : these are the links of the rich content that contains the address of another website.



Content Marketing



It's all about creating researched and unique content to drive the traffic of the quality users to our site. It can prove to be profitable results for the company if you have formed right strategy in mind. You need to deliver rich content in order to increase your website ranking in eye of Google.




Content marketing can be pursued in many ways as such :

1) Guest post

2) Video Sharing

3) Social media shares

4) Blog posting & Commenting

5) Sending Emails & letters and many more things to be carried out.


Content marketing doesn't result fruitful in a day or two instead it needs constant efforts and time to develop rich and healthy content .



There exists a strong relationship between Link Building and Content Marketing that cannot be broken-off

The equilibrium between content marketing and link building are at crux of any top app development companies for toting of any SEO strategy. You need to track the best of industry exercises used for link building in order to make best of your content marketing.

An splendid content marketing strategy alongwith sufficient link building is what app development companies deliver to its clients. Drop your idea brainstorm with us and get a free Instant quote .!