Now Book your tickets with M-ticketing"Mobile Ticketing" - The future of travelling


There is now a new way to beat the charge and long waiting hours for buying tickets and paying for a train, bus or air tours and events happening in your community.


Without a doubt, a mobile phone has become the most scalable and unique medium of connecting people over all industries – be it media, entertainment, transport, production and constructing, medical, software, engineering and what not.

It is no wonder that our smartphone has become the most powerful and most possible device in all we do in a day.


From eCommerce to online banking and health to locating an address, each of it can be performed by a touch on our mobile screen as well as ticketing is just not an exception here.


Research & Predictions:


According to the latest research report through Juniper on M-ticketing, it is predicted that around 20 million transport and event tickets will be obtained globally through mobile applications. Juniper Research proves ticketing as one of the most important commerce apps driving mobile commerce now.


Juniper’s last year report revealed that airline enterprise saw the large year-on-year increment in the number of app-based users, developed by events. Airline enterprise records a huge growth through a broad margin. In 2015, it showed a 60% increase in mobile user choice.


M-ticketing has a long way to go:


Viewing such a rush in mobile app approval by tourists and travelers, enterprise owners, and business organizations have achieved that success is just guaranteed if they launch their personal mobile applications.


Smartphone usage has even made an impression on public transportation services. Train tickets and MetroCards will soon be replaced by electric tickets on passenger’s mobile phones.


Moreover, the bus drivers will be permitted to travel by a non-swipe card system related to SmartLink cards used in PATH trains, wherein a magnetic disk will be inserted in their devices as ticket checking and boarding.


The main aim of mobile ticketing is to perform the whole process more reliable and passenger-oriented.


Smart ticketing aims at increasing the effectiveness of existing systems so as to maintain the resources properly and decrease the prices, developing further sustainable ticketing and transportation processes.


Though much has to be done for the confirmations of mobile app ticketing. An addition of location-based services and great content delivery will surely make it more passenger-friendly.


The Social Ticketing change:


Some of the airlines have personalized the whole method of booking & flying by a personal app.


From booking the ticket to giving boarding pass to allowing a place, personal texts are sent to customers and they can also ask questions about everything regarding their flight status by a personal airline messenger application.


Top ticketing top app development companies like Ticketmaster and Eventbrite are soon moving to sell tickets quickly by Facebook.


This way brands can join more with Facebook users and assist them find out about events happening in their society. So it is everything about being available where customers eyes and fingers are ready to make purchases.


And surely, give them support and connect with them individually for a great travel and event booking experience.


If you have a travel or holiday company, do not wait for app development. We will help your customers and tourists enjoy simple bookings and protect transactions.