Now Develop Your Business Paperless With Google Apps


The world is communicating online. Top app development companies are sending virtual invoices & wiring money from one distant corner of the globe to different without a single bit of paper required.

A Paperless work culture & economy are one of the great ecological advantages that computers & cloud technology have presented us with on multiple others. It has never been most essential for preserves our natural resources and going paperless will keep a lot more trees than you can imagine.

Make your business paperless with Google Apps

Google is not greatly behind in starting this effort forward. With its in-house child Google Applications, you can go about completely paperless & manage all your company requires essentially. Let’s see how!

No requirement to get calendars anymore:

With Google Calendar & Google Sheets, you can build virtual online project designs, add tasks & distribute them to your team members. It is very adjustable too! Any of the attached members can immediately update any selected task in actual time without having to go by a group of reminders & emails. The calendar can be applied to build schedules & deadlines, and your team members can use it to keep track of the same! You can schedule team meetings utilizing Google Calendar & attach the project plan, so everyone is updated with the meeting plan.

Goodbye Paper Surveys slows post-survey estimates:

Google Forms can provide to all your survey requirements. You do not require 1000s of application copies & burn cash making them printed. With Google forms, you can simply build & distribute customized forms online. These forms can be about any like event responses, signup request forms, class surveys, non-profit donations and further. As the forms are filled & submitted online, the data will be efficiently received in Google Sheets for you to see later!

Build Virtual Bulletin Boards:

Have a major update and do not have a signboard to hang the newsletter? Do not worry, use Google Groups rather and send out excellent news to your whole team with a single click. You can join multiple members to these groups & then a practical bulletin board is designed where the members get an email immediately.

Revert to earlier versions of your documents instantly:

So Many times, it displays necessary to fish out past records & documents. With Google Drive, all those documents, images & videos can be saved in a single file. So, making your whole file library organized. Also, if you open any one doc, you can view the revisions, change & other activity performed on it on the right-hand side. From here you can just click on the dates to go to previous versions. How easy?

Have online company meetings & brainstorming sessions:

Google Docs & Drive occurs with superior sharing options. After you have built the same, you can share it with team members & clients for feedback and comments.

High amount of free cloud storage:

With Google Drive, you can save countless numbers of files, images & videos in your Google account. Though they are data preserved, on one hand, you do not require to print these and keep historical records! This is excellent for businesses with remote teams at various locations as it helps management & smooth workflow. Team members have one click access to all files & folders, and your data continues backed up & secure.

Send industry report PDFs to your clients & team members:

PDF reports and proposals are simple to obtain across digital frameworks but changing, updating & compiling PDFs every time there is a changing variable can be time taking & slows. With Google Docs, you can send a link to the PDF version of your file. So now you do not have to create another link when you update the file. The link continues the same, and the file is updated! When team members & clients open your PD at that time they get the new information.

Employee Training with Google Hangouts:

Employee education processes are a complex case including infrastructural costs, time wastage and a lot of complicated overheads. With Google Hangouts, you do not require to hand over printed material manually to your fresh workforce.

So, this is all about how can you transform your business to paperless with the help of google app. For further information connect with us.