Nowadays How Mobile Technology is Transforming the Status of Education!


The generation of mobile technology has impacted every top app development companies as well as education is no exception. Whether it is K-12 or higher education, the mobile revolution is now changing education basically more than it has ever changed before. In reality, mobile education is the latest face of education. And, the mobile learning market is assumed to be worth $32 billion in 4 years, according to a report.

The Different study shows that 70% of students in Grades 9 to 12, 70% of students in Grades 6 to 8 and 50% of students in Grades 3 to 5 use smartphones and connected to their schools around the clock. Additionally, classrooms over the U.S. are preparing to include Bring Your Own Device -BYOD answers to expedite the use of technological learning tools.

Enables Students to Learn Anywhere & Anytime:

With mobile devices, students are no longer restricted to their classrooms for learning. They can work on an assignment, while they are at home, in between classes or during waiting on the bus. This also advantages students who are located in remote places, because they can use learning management platforms & use digital education with ease from their mobile devices. In this way, mobile technology is enabling students to learn everywhere and anytime, in addition to learning in the classroom.

Makes Classrooms More Collaborative:

Mobile technology has also made collaboration between students & teachers much easier than before. Now, both companies can communicate & collaborate in and outside the classroom immediately & effectively. Additionally, with the help of the cloud & mobile technology, students can share documents when working on team tasks, use video conferencing & participate in a discussion panel. Applying such tools makes their learning process more compact & successful.

Students Get immediate Feedback:

Before digitization shook the education world, students had to wait for the tutors to rate their exams & assignments. But, not anymore; now students can get feedback immediately. This is useful for them as they can use the lessons learned from the feedback immediately. And, research tells us that student performance increases significantly when feedback is given immediately.

Makes Learning Interactive:

Mobile technology has also made the learning process more engaging & interactive than the old method, where ideas were conveyed in a general matter with textbooks. Latest technologies, like animated learning by apps & augmented reality, are transforming the way education is growing personalized.

Such technologies also enable two-way communications in which the educators can lead the students by problem-solving & exhibit new ideas through using mobile devices. For Instance, with augmented reality, mobile technology helps students recreate historic events or walk by geographical sites, allowing an immersive way of learning.

Makes Learning Fun:

The traditional learning process is not active anymore & mobile gaming app like number puzzles, word puzzles & math games have become as great alternative solutions to making fun to learning. So, today’s students do not learn & play individually; they learn while they play.

Changes the Roles of Students & Teachers:

With the evolution of mobile technology, the roles of students & teachers have changed. Students are now more engaged & active in the learning process & educators no longer just deliver information, though students take it in. Additionally, tutors have become facilitators & are no longer just dispensers of information.


These are only a few examples & the list goes on and is needs to continue to improve in the coming years. And, it is obvious that mobile technology has developed from a nice-to-have tool to a must-have tool for education. So, do you have any other examples of mobile technology in the education industry to share? Have we dropped any points? Please feel free to contact us, as we would like to hear from you.