Prisma Photo Filter App - Know Why It is So Popular!


Nowadays Pokemon GO is the most popular app in the globe right now. But another new app is also getting a lot of attention. And the best thing is that it is free. Prisma lets users join filters to images to exciting, beautiful & strange effect. The app is going viral this season with over 1 million everyday users in its first month.

What is Prisma App?

Prisma is a free app that combines filters to your photos to change them in beautiful works of art. The app has 35 filters to apply to your photos. Each of the filters is combined free with the app. Every filter provides a various look to photos. Many filters are in a style of the famous artists.

Know How Prisma Works!

Applying Prisma is about as simple as an app can get. You can download the Prisma app to your phone/tablet and give it permission to apply your photos & camera. With a minimalist interface, Prisma is very easy to use. Just like Instagram, you can either take photos through the app or pick one from your camera roll. After you crop the photo as per the app's terms, you can pick one of the filters based on famous art styles. The options range from idea to gothic to filters modeled on iconic paintings like The Scream.

The app developers are required to release more filters in the next weeks. After the app combines the filter, you can adjust the intensity of the look before saving the image or posting it on Instagram & Facebook. No need to set up an account. Users do not have to log in or link any social media accounts to apply the app.

The phone need be connected to the Internet for Prisma to work. The app acts in the Cloud, not on your phone. So, users who have limited data plan may want to use Prisma while connected to Wi-Fi network.

Know how you can Filter a Photo:

Click the small square in the lower right corner of the screen to view the images on your phone. Take a photo, then tap Use in the upper right corner of the screen. The next screen has benefits to crop & rotate photos. Prisma only operates with square photos.

Next, the photo has been cropped or rotated, tap Next to add more filters to the photo. Tap a filter and a triangle will look that matches solid as Prisma completes the effect.

When Prisma has completed, the photo will arrive and look like a work of art. If you are not happy with the photo, you can modify the strength of the filter. If you are not happy with the photo, you can adjust the intensity of the filter.


Prisma automatically adds a "watermark" to the photos. But you don't have to keep it. Touch the gear icon to use Settings in the app. Slide the watermark off to remove that Prisma watermark. The app will also remove the watermark on all future photos.

Extra Settings chances are to store each photo automatically, although this is not a good idea. You will likely try many filters & if you save each photo you make, you will be filling up your phone quick. Better to manually keep the photos you like. If you forget, you can ever create the artwork easily again.

Saving & Sharing Your Prisma Photos:

When you have created a lot of art you want to share, tap the sharing icon & then tap Save Image. Your Prisma art will be saved and can see in your Photos app.

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