Some Important Security Checklist to Remember for Android App Development


Numerous of applications are being published to major app stores each day. But, most of them wither before they even have a chance to grow. The effort, money, plus time that is put into growing applications are large.


Once you have got a lot of negative feedback from the users, there will be hardly any second opportunity given to show the worth of your app. So, assuring security should be an important step taken by top app development companies.


Some of the most common security vulnerability of android apps add the following:


1. Small Transport Layer protection

2. Client side portion

3. Poor authorization & authentication

4. Security decisions by untrusted inputs

5. down cryptography

6. Lack of binary protections

7. wrong session handling

8. Unintended data leakage

9. unsafe data storage

10. Weak server side controls


Android OS has several built-in security features which make attacks less frequent.


These features provide enabling security easier while android app development. The main inbuilt safety features include the ones given here.


Android Application Sandbox can be applied to isolate the app data & code execution from other applications.

Data can be preserved using an encrypted file system in case of device damage or theft.

Application data can be managed by allowing application-defined permissions.

It enables user granted permissions. This will limit access to the user data & system features.

Include technologies to reduce memory management errors that add ASLR, ProPolice etc.


While the android platform allows many advantages in terms of safety, it is essential to follow some coding practices as android app development since securing the safety of user data is an essential step in confirming your app’s progress.


Some are:


Try a minimum number of permission requests.

The registration & activation method should be completely made.

Never put sensitive information at external storage, as the data will display very easy to use.

Network transactions should be appropriately preserved as it includes a transmission of private data.

Strong data validation is really too much important for app security.

When utilizing native code, attacks that can be produced from data extending over a network or IPC should be managed by carefully handling the pointers & managing defenses.

Use parameterized queries to present to SQL database in order to stay secure from SQL injection.

JavaScript injection is a simple web security problem when using the WebView as it makes use of website content that will add HTML & Javascript.

Use support token rather of generally asking for user credentials so as to decrease phishing attacks.

Android gives a lot of methods to preserve data, like data privacy, complete file system encryption, cryptography & secure communication channels.

Loading code from outside of your app APK can raise the risk of code injection.

Backend APIs & platforms should be secured sufficiently.

Correctly configured SSL should be in place to secure interaction between clients & servers.


So, these were some of the checklist mentioned by top app development company for android app development. Want to integrate security measures within your android app? Then you can anytime Hire android app developer from Hyperlink Infosystem. Contact now for best ever security measures!