Today Parse is no more but Don't worry we have some alternatives for you to convert your mobile apps from Parse


Recently the unexpected occurred, Facebook declared the end of Parse Services. For many top app development companies, it was a stab in the rear.


We all understand that at minimum some mobile applications that run on Parse like Vine, periscope, Expedia’s Orbitz and many more.





After the news, so many people have been questioning


Should people use Parse on open source?


Should people transfer to other mobile SaaS backend?


Or what are another ideas to deal with this condition?



The fact is that it will not be painless, and it will get time.

So for you not to lose time you have to get made for what you have to make.

The interesting part of it is that you have many choices that would help you to change from Parse to Mobile application







Here are the choices that you can apply to change from parse to mobile app


1) Transfer your Mobile app to another BaaS server


2) Make your private parse server


3) Edit the application on your private server


Now we will describe every of them so you can get a summary of what to take.



1) Move your Mobile application to another SaaS server





What the Parse example show us is that we can never more completely believe on external servers. But it does not expect that you cannot apply them.


The key is not to combine your mobile application with this class of server, so it can be moved out important problems when important.

A course of thumb would be to get a strong BaaS you can hope that will not close in the small term

This can be a great solution, You will be capable for keeps your application code, and the server API will work with the Scan API till you end supporting the SDKs Parse.


2) Make your private parse server



This is the second one option if you do not want to edit the application code still.

That is a clear advantage, you can yet have your application based on Parse and generate your server, so no one will turn it off for you.



3) Edit the application on your private server





This is absolutely the most complex solution, but it is also the one that can be believed most.

Check your application code and find out how it is united with Parse and then obtain free of all of it.

It uses little more time, it is somewhere tough, but later that you will have a clear code and nothing will surprise more.


You do not have to make it yourself that is the reason we app development companies are available to support you to find the best resolution that will work great for you. Get in touch with us now.