Top 5 Mobile App Engagement Tips That Boost up Your Business


If you have achieved success in getting huge no of your app downloads then- Congratulations! Because not every app developer is blessed enough to get such success. However, this is only the stepping stone of successful mobile app but,the most challenging journey begins now – i.e retaining users back to your app after the first download. And, this arises the need of the best mobile app engagement tips to retain your users again to your app.

So here are some of the tips shared by top app development companies to boost up your user engagement with your app. Let's check out the 6 amazing mobile app engagement tips that boost up your app development business.

1) Interacting to The Customers Via Push Notifications

Suppose a mobile user has added 3 times in his shopping cart but has not done with the checkout. Another user is about to complete it's shopping and shipping details but has never then turned ack to the app. In such cases, Push Notifications is the key that can bring back user engagement back with the apps that result in an increase in sales. According to the expert “Push Notification drives 50% of the user-engagement back to the app.” But you need to make sure that the notifications are related to the app as Notification is something that allows application owners and users to communicate with each other via the means of special offers, discounts, offers and much more.

2) Consumer Segmentation for Personalized Marketing Campaign

If your application messaging can realize the user as this message is personalized for him/her, then surely your mobile engagement chances is bound to increase and to avail messaging benefit to all the type of users, you need to bifurcate the user as per their profile and purchasing history. Eg: Regular or loyal users can be given a special offer and discounts, while the user with a single visit to your app a few months back should be kept aside into different category and a special campaign, should be conducted keeping in mind users perspective.

3) Multichannel Messaging

In this cruel world, where people are dragging you back at each and every step, you cannot simply rely on a single source to increase conversions. Instead, you need to make use of multiple channels like Email, News feed, SMS to advance the user engagement.

4) Real-time Foresight Inside Business Actions

There is much application that provides users access to real-time data and information. For instance: If you have developed a retail-based mobile app then you need to keep owner notified about whenever a product is being shipped to the user's address. This feature aids you to give quality customer service that helps you to benefit with the loyal and trustworthy customer for the long period.

5) Location Based Advertisement Campaigns

Retail mobile applications are giving the power of location-based campaign & services. About 55% of today’s mobile consumers permit applications to track their geo-location data from their smartphone devices in the real time. M-commerce businesses can make use of location-based data to target more relevant ads and content to users that increase conversion rate. When you observe a customer in close dimension to your store, you can send them related and engaging content that tempt them to visit the store.

Final Words

Different industries communicate with their mobile customers in their unique ways. Application Development India tries to find the most trending and strong mobile app engagement tips in your category. Just make sure that your application delivers good value and result to customers. Come up with new ideas and engage your targeted audience in advancing your application ROI.