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Top Five Exceptional Tactics To Optimize Android Apps Development


Android platform is one of the most popular mobile operating systems in the global app market with millions of apps developed by top app development companies. The reason is android development can be done in different ways, but finding the best way or tools to use is a major obstacle. The perfect approach is all important during the android app development and to launch in the app store which works smoothly.

here are some best things such as performance, battery usage, time to load the content, reviews on the google play store that determine the success or failure of any mobile app. It results in just a single thing- users will uninstall the app. The worst nightmare! You never want this happen to your app, not even in the dream. The best way is to enhance the code and the way you are using.

Here, best five tips are turned up that surely improve the app performance and customer experience:

1) Location Updates:

The applications requiring users to share the location is not different. And for this, the Google API is combined that helps in collecting user’s location data. It's depended on the type of user location data that an app requires at a distinct frequency, various functions are called and after set.

2) Support StringBuilder:

When you want to add some other strings to a particular string for numerous times, with string, clearly the strings get concatenated, but due to a lot of waste collection, the task takes around 10 to 15 seconds. Alternatively, if StringBuilder is applied, the time will get decreased to 4 to 5 seconds. This is a major difference and it will make the same impact on the app performance. The variation is as once Strings are made, they are fixed. Even, if an effort to change the value of Strings is made and a new String is created.

3) Reflection in Android:

The reflection is enough to use in the place when you want the application package to have an agreement with numerous Android versions and it helps in identifying the bottlenecks at the run time. It allows objects’ structure, fields’ access & methods invoke all at the run time.

4) Ondraw Function:

The function is extremely used to describe views on the screen by running 60 frames every second. Every frame gets fixed and draw in 16 milliseconds, but only a main wire draws the view on the main screen. When slow functions are added, there will be a reduction in the frame rate that returns the Application Not Responding - ANR dialog.

5) Autoboxing:

This is a method of automatic conversion where the Java compiler turns simple types into objects like- turning double to Double, int to Integer, and much more. The opposite process is called as unboxing. It helps in using simple types and objects mutually without needing to write the extra code & perform specific typecasting.


There are numbers of possible ways to enhance the android app development, and all come with their advantages and disadvantages. Top app development companies having top-rated apps are also fairly concerned about apps' performance. Obviously, this is a green signal for you to start leveraging tools and using the ways well to launch an app to the Google play store that's huge performance, uses less battery, and load the content at speed. contact us for further information.