Understand primary points for app marketing during festivals or holidays & get more customers for your app


If you are looking to market your app, just create magic with the advice I am sharing with you here.


A current study by Flurry indicated that app downloads in 2015 increased by 94% on festivals, thanks to the universal smartphone getting the place in most of the Santa stockings since past some years.

Which gives a fair hint as to why you, the app marketers, should also go all out while the festival season.


Season Offers to true customers





Your business stands on true customers, and what great time to return to their faith with a pleasant festival gift! Nothing too pricey, but something that will heat them up to your brand and help them remember you the next time they speak to their friends.


Maybe a free support offer if you are in the B2B section so that they can enjoy their celebration much better. either a shopping card or gift receipt depending upon what part you are working in.

And what excellent way to give it than from your mobile app already installed on their home screens.



Rewards Programs offered from your Mobile App





Compensation programs have also been done-to-end, but quiet has not lost its light. And if done properly, it can build magic for any app development companies.


Big bonus can be given to those who stood faith with your brand and who obtained beyond a certain purpose. Keep your bonus program easy, and not too difficult.



Remember, strong business is a very little decision mainly during festivals



The digital media is a platform where people become watching for options and further options.


So, it is not desirable to tough sell and chance missing your clients. Direct from over communicating and spending too various discount offers. Work to give power and keep your leads warm by your mobile app expertise.


Building actual relationships and trying to get what they actually want should be your center rather than removing cash from their pockets.


You could imagine an exciting QnA activity, and an online competition to find out their options and choices. And based on what they are actually looking for, you can throw them a proper solution.



Free gifts and cards for new customers




Free gifts can be proposed as a reason for downloading your mobile app as a first shopping festival offer if there is an e-commerce company.


Customizable celebration greeting templates offered from your mobile app for WhatsApp deal could go a long distance if you are a software company. You can invent too as per your business part.


Only make sure that no matter what you make, your new client, at least, got to use your mobile app one. You never know if they like the activity they might have your mobile app for a long time to develop.


Here I have told you just about marketing your app during festivals. We top app development companies are builds the best apps. Contact us anytime and Stay tuned for our new article on mobile app marketing.