Want to be a Cloud Development Professional? Checklist the Skillsets coveted for Cloud Development in 2016


Now acting as the technological headstone for businesses across the world, the expansion of cloud computing continues at a remarkable rate – and as a result, the employer call for cloud experts has blasted.





In 2015, there were an approximation of 18 million cloud computing jobs across the world, as per the WANTED Analytics, its announced that ‘cloud and distributed computing’ is one of the sexiest skills to get hired in era of 2016.


With that in inclination, it’s worth breaking up this skillset group into the five different criteria that are required in modern cloud professionalism






With the comprehensive espousal of cloud, thousands of businesses are still pondering in migration process while migrating their own infrastructure and this gives birth to the demand of professionals having migration skill sets.


Cloud professionals leading migration projects should possess keen expertise of variation in cloud deployment modules exclusively available for businesses . They’ll also need to fathom the existing organizational infrastructure, meanwhile having the knowledge of mapping apps & other workload that are operating on existing servers and relocating the same to the cloud counterpart.






Security is always the major issue to be concerned when it comes working with the technology and cloud is not an exception to be laid apart . According to the study conducted from BT affirms business commander rate security as the best consideration for cloud computing.

Cloud security skillsets are vital for any business embracing the technology, especially for uk that charges terrific rate of £2.37 million for every single breaching of data . IT pros who can manifest these skill set will be hot wealthy in 2016.




In an unified world, we now create million bytes of data each and every day. Top app development Companies are acting as if they are despo to draw out the insights from this information, fulfilling the demands for experts with abilities to store data, access and manage it. As these databases progressively hosted on cloud based platforms, now is the time to induct in learn a database querying language and its corresponding database platform.

SQL is the historical standard language that we are learning. Then, if you’re thinking to go ahead with developing skills in arms of database platform, then one should see an eye on SQL Server DB, Oracle Database or should explore open-source platform like Mongo DB, MySQL or Hadoop .

Programming language



Cloud adds a new magnitude in the era of development. Developers are now able to build, deploy and manage applications so quickly that can balance to unlock the full talents of cloud. These type of developers are widely in-demand and are of great value to businesses.

In former years, we have seen new programming languages like Python, Perl and Ruby on rails that have climbed up at the celebrity in the cloud app development while considering the fact that the traditional languages like .NET, JAVA or PHP are still evergreen today.





As we know that in current trend there is hike in Cloud professionals in market and knowledge of Linux is considered as an add-on benefit for the person to get hired in the year of 2016.


Demand for cloud professionals with Linux skills is huge right now. More than 25% of servers swaying Azure are Linux based, a figure that’s only set to elaborate as Microsoft continues to enfold the open-source market. Businesses are growing on the stalk for professionals with the skill group to design, maintain, build and administer the same Linux servers in the cloud environment.


So , this was all about skill set you need to have to get hired as best cloud professional. Want a solution that hinders your cloud based app development ? Then hire Hyperlink Infosystem having expertise in offshore development and provide dominant services in all cloud based platforms. Contact us to get free quote.