Wondering How to Build Top App Development Companies? Read On.


If you are considering building a top app development team, you need to straighten out your thinking about what a top app development team is composed of in the first place. Only then can you start the actual recruitment process.
First, you definitely need a couple of very good app developers on your team to start with. However, you need to be particular about which OS you plan to develop apps for. You might say “sure, we’ll cover all the OS out there and make apps for each one. Piece of cake!” but in reality it is not a piece of cake because each OS is a complicated program in itself. If you are still building your team it is good to have at least one expert in one OS first. For example, since Android smartphones are outstripping iPhones in demand nowadays, you could opt to stick to making Android based apps first. That way you get steady income and still stay within a reasonable comfort zone. If you try to do too many OS at one time you might succeed but most likely you will run out of proficiencies and the apps you come up with might not be of top quality.
Top app development companies need to focus first on a particular OS before expanding so that you build your reputation in that OS first. When word gets around that you have a hotshot on your team who is very skilled in Android, for instance, then you will probably gain an advantage in that area that others will have to compete aggressively with. You can then focus first on establishing your company in that OS before you opt to recruit experts in other OS.
When you seem to have both feet firmly planted in an OS, you can proceed to recruit another expert in another OS then market proficiencies in that. So in our example you focused first on Android which is good – now you can proceed to getting an expert in iPhone systems. Then focus first on developing your market for Android and IPhone systems before you move on to another OS. This is doing everything by the book and it works well because it is systematic, rational, and reduces the risk that your app development team will make errors and get discredited in the market.
Let us say that you now have two OS to focus on namely Android and iPhone. This is good and many app development companies already make a living focusing on just one OS. What your app development team has to do (while working on current projects or even in between projects) is to keep boning up on their proficiencies in the two OS. This is because there are bound to be upgrades of each OS over time, and some proficiencies that your team has may even be phased out in favor of the upgrades. This is part of the challenge of building top app development companies but if you can manage the growth you stand to earn big over time and on a consistent basis at that.