Xamarin- Newest Thing in The Mobile App Development


Since Microsoft published a global collaboration with Xamarin in the starting of this year, the mobile app development world took notice of the almost unknown kind of the popular mobile app development cross-platforms.

If you are remotely involved in mobile apps, read on, we are about to tell you why Xamarin is the best!


What exactly is shared code?


Let’s assume you are developing the same application over platforms, Android, iOS & Windows and you want to write the code only once, is it possible? Of course, it is. That’s what most mobile development platforms these days are trying to accomplish.


Improving the re-usability of the code by combining native cover classes or native codes for combination with the native libraries is unique to any mobile app development platform. Xamarin claims that 80% of its code can be shared throughout various OS. If user interfaces are develop with Xamarin. Forms, the shared code percentage could go quite over 90%. Needless to say, this could be a large time-saver!


It means that as a developer, your effort is decreased by a significant amount. It means that if you as a customer are paying app developers the cost of development goes down for you as well.


The Xamarin benefits for company Applications:


Why Xamarin has shifted a favorite with an increase in enterprise app development is no shock!


Xamarin raised by Mobile Backend because a Service -MBaaS providers. MBaaS systems give mobile optimized cloud backend system & business backend connectors, making development work simple for enterprise mobile application development.


Kidozen, a significant player in the MBaas market gives private & public cloud-based backend for mobile apps. It also gives  enterprise backend connectors. KidoZen’s SDK is open on the Xamarin component store, providing Xamarin-based mobile apps to connect with different backend systems, applying very small amount of code.


SAP has cooperated with Xamarin, building enterprise mobility for enterprises running SAP software available.


Salesforce SDK is open for free on the Xamarin elements store.


IBM has made possible its MobileFirst SDK by the Xamarin element store.


Microsoft Azure mobile service connectors are possible for Xamarin, making it simple for industry mobile apps to store non-sensitive app data in the Azure cloud.


Application Types which you can make with Xamarin:


Finance, health care, company, utility. Everything that you name can be made using Xamarin. Xamarin is, in fact, the great of both worlds. The re-usability of HTML5 & the native code ability of java, javascript & Objective-C are all included in this one technology.


For more on the Technology stay tuned. Our team of best Indian app developers are much interested for talks more on Xamarin and how it helps them developed the awesome application that they do!


Possibly we will discuss the benefits of Xamarin over other platforms and the kind of applications that have been developed using the platform. Till then, connect with us.