Yes, Predictions are all around! But, what if these predictions become real- Know some best predictions about "iPhone 7"


We know that you are actively demanding to see the news about iPhone 7 and to satisfy this interest, only see what we have selected and predicted for you, these predictions might be ready to break the craving of yours about future improvisations in iPhone 7.


Here are some of the features for the assumed improvement in iPhone 7:




Here the studies, we found there would be no headphone jack in iPhone 7:







Apple’s planning to contract the width of the iPhone 7 by cutting off 1 mm by reducing headphone jack and catch up with one flashing port that could allow the way to hear to music and charge the phone concurrently.


Aha! Sounds interesting? Yes! This feature would work out as the Apple is believing of including the magnetic charging cable rather of your standard cable.



More Battery juice:







The longer you expect, the higher you will get. Apple decides to pay your patience above, by giving great battery life for your new iPhone.


Furthermore, if this report would be right, then you can get more calls between charging.


This unbelievable move might be reasonable because of the magnetic wireless charger which we have discussed.



The physical presence of home button could go away:







Apple is thinking to drop the only key on the front screen. We know that it appears to be difficult as if this change could be performed on the iPhone than it would be the greatest addition ever.


This change has the possible of change as we know that iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s has become with 3D touch which gives many unique ideas to communicates with the iPhone apps.


Moreover, this development would allow the reachability between applications.



You may take more than common storage models in iPhone 7:







Apple is conscious of the problem compared to under storage space difficulty and that the future will require more area space as well.


Having such points in memory, they are preparing to renew their future design of iPhone 7 with unique storage, an unconfirmed report said that iPhone 7 may get up with 128 GB space and iPhone 7 Plus organized with possibly 256 GB space.




Wireless charging and Headphones as well:







Apple news to be watching in a magnetic wireless charger and running on a new set of wireless earbuds to present their users


go wireless and easy, there is no confirmation from their party that the characteristic would make it into the end product. As the rumors are climbing and Apple has used for many grants give us a clue about the coming characteristics that could see in iPhone 7.


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