11 Ways AI Has Changed Traditional Workplace and Increased Employee Productivity

  • By Scarlett
  • 28-01-2020
  • Artificial Intelligence
11 ways ai has changed traditional workplace and increased employee productivity
We are living in times where digital assistants have become the part and parcel of our lives. From online calendars scheduling our team meetings, chatbots taking charge of customer handling, to self-driving luggage that turns to the suitcase, we are surrounded with technology all the while. This presence can now be evidently felt at the workplace too.
How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming the Workplace?
how artificial intelligence is transforming the workplace
Have you integrated a personalized chatbot with your business? Obviously. Does your business setup involve IoT devices? A few of them. Do you rely on technology for most of your work at the office? Yes. See how AI is transforming the workplace? AI ever since its existence is making life easier for people and now for the employees and employers.
fact: One in five workers will have AI as a co-worker by 2022
Now let’s move forward and check how traditional workplace is being transformed and employee productivity is increased with AI.
AI Changing Traditional Workplace and Adding to Productivity
1. AI to Work Side by Side with Humans
The most noted contribution of AI working side by side with humans is in the field of education. With AI professors working with some human professors, colleges find it easy to manage student queries. Chatbots like real professors remind students of their homework, deadlines, etc.
Real professors can now focus on better class scheduling and note-making instead of reminding students about their homework and deadlines.
2. AI to Be a Part of the Strategy Making Team
Technology has made things super-easy. All you need to do is, feed in the data, look for the right help and get a strategy that could help you accomplish your goal. Easy!
Yes, with so much dependence on AI things are being streamlined to a better result and get you the best output.
3. AI to Help in Talent Acquisition
The most evident role of AI in the workplace is in the hiring process. With an online test and a common platform to store employee data, AI makes it easier for the recruiters to find the right match for the openings. Also, with everything on a common platform, even the candidates can check the company profile online.
Thus, HR managers can focus on real conversations with the candidates instead of shortlisting from the millions in the list.
4. AI to Turn Trainer
Who hasn’t been trained by technology? Almost everyone. No, we are not talking about using smartphones and the latest gadgets, but being a part of the technology at the workplace with better devices.
Also, the simple trainer that tracks your progress, gives you tests and comes up with results.
These are some basic corners where you can work with the AI.
5. AI to Provide Better Solutions to Old Problems
AI has been providing some incredible solutions to all the problems that once seemed difficult to deal with.  A few technical and not so technical problems that took hours to be resolved now take a few minutes.
Thus, saving a lot of time and adding to the productivity of human employees.
6. AI to Track the Work Record
Many times, it becomes difficult to track your work record. The administration needs to understand the working strategy of the employees and in case the results are not satisfactory need to work on new strategies.
AI not only makes it easy to track the record, but also helps create solutions that would make it easier to get the desired results.
7. AI to Enhance Communications
The most important thing in the workplace is communication. It is important that the employees with other employees and employers share confidential information without hesitation.
The trust of sharing the information without any disruption is a gift AI has for your workplace.
8. AI to Bring Easy Check on Leadership
The major problem in any workplace is the check on leadership. Many of the employees and sometimes employers cannot understand the pattern of working and thus, conflicts.
With AI put to action, we can have clearer tracking of working and strategy sharing thus, keeping a check on the leadership of the employers.
9. AI to Add to the Human Experience of Working
As already discussed in point #1 AI has almost turned into artificial humans. With such support, it is quite easy for the workplaces to manage the working of the teams and come up with results desired of them.
The man-machine partnership is yielding excellent results and the workplaces are turning to be happier, healthier, and more productive.
10. AI to Provide Better Job Roles
Better job roles mean AI can more significantly work on a few responsibilities and others can be accomplished by human interventions. With AI being the helping hand, the human resource can focus more on coming up with better strategies and let the workplace be organized to reflect maximum productivity.
11. AI to Add to the Fun in the Workplace
Now that you have AI that can look after a few job responsibilities, you can be relaxed. Machines are never tired, and they are never saturated, but humans are.
So, with AI for your assistance on board you can engage yourself in little fun activities that would not only let you feel fresh all the time but also help you make your workplace happier. Happier the workplace, more productive the results.
This Is All!!!
We are lucky to be in the time where we can see the transition of manual labor to mechanized labor. This is interesting and inspiring all the while. With a few people still assuming AI is a threat to human employment, the biggies in the business world understand it is the human-machine partnership that would earn results, neither of these alone is capable of reflecting anything better. So, as we have stepped in 2020 let AI add to the productivity of your workplace and see how the profits skyrocket in a few months.

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