The Future Of Data Science And Analytics

Today, an increasing number of organizations strive to make data-driven decisions. This has increased the demand for processes and professionals that help ensure data quality. Data science and the professionals that enable it are a perfect example of this.   A multidisciplinary process, data science combines technology, algorithm development, and data

The Impact Of Business Intelligence On Decision Making

Business Intelligence (BI) is the process of analyzing and converting raw data into actionable and coherent information for analysis and decision-making. Leveraging BI solutions can help your organization enhance performance and increase their business output by many folds.

The Impact Of Digital Marketing On Software Events

Some of the biggest technology or software events of the year include CES 2020, GITEX 2020, Mobile World Congress (MWC), and a few others. Ever since they were first launched, th

Growth of Salesforce In 2024

Salesforce has been one of the leading pioneers of delivering Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). The company was one of the first names in the tech industry to promote the adoption of cloud technologies and create a market for cloud solutions.   Salesforce has had an eno

Indian Software Industry Report 2024

The IT industry and related sectors make up eight percent of the country’s overall GDP, making it a key part of India’s economy. This is revealed by Statista. Another important revelation made by Statista is that the IT industry generated approximately US$ 180 billion in 2019.

Growth Of The Mobile App Industry In 2024

Smartphones and mobile e-commerce applications have made it incredibly easy for consumers to buy what they need. They no longer need to stroll around the mart, the electronic appliance store, or the clothing outlet to find what they want and then wait in a long queue for their turn to checkout. Instead, they can easily and quickly navigate through an app or e-commerce site optimized for mobile usage to find an

Growth Of Business Intelligence

Investopedia defines business intelligence (BI) as a set of processes and technical infrastructure that gather and analyze a company’s raw data into actionable insights. Some of the processes that fall under the umbrella term BI are data mining, descriptive analytics, perform

The Top 10 Mobile App Development Tools Available Today

The importance of mobile applications in business and everyday life cannot be emphasized enough. In our everyday life, mobile apps allow us to order food, buy train and bus tickets on the go, shop, learn, perform banking transactions, and do lots more.   For busines