3 Incredible Benefits of Using AI in Website Development

  • By Andy Alvin
  • 14-02-2020
  • Artificial Intelligence
ai in website development
Web development is a phenomenon which has been growing at a rapid pace over the past many years. And now, with the advancement of Artificial Intelligence, things have started flowing smoother for the web developers. There are so many aspects to explore and contributions to take note when it comes to gauging the role of Artificial Intelligence in website development. Henry Callaway, freelance writer of Samsung SWOT analysis and student of web development, is of the opinion, “Web development has never been this cool before. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence for contributing to this particular sector. I get to learn so many interesting things and amazing features with each passing day.”

Are you eager to know about the three remarkable ways AI is benefiting the realm of website development? Invest some time in reading this interesting and highly insightful blog. Here you go!
Chatbots have made their presence felt

Chatbots have been, by far, one of the most notable contributions of AI to the domain of website development. Here are the following ways chatbots are enhancing website development in every way possible. 

- Chatbot enabled websites are known for enhanced communicational process. 
- With chatbots, service websites are said to enjoy better turnover with clients experiencing faster turnover rates. 
- With advanced chatbots under deployment, monitoring consumer data and accumulating other industry insights gets easier. 
- With 83% online shoppers in need of digitised support during shopping, chatbots are certainly making things easier for them. User-friendly bots are said to help all prospective customers understand what products fit their budget and needs, irrespective of time and distance.
There are remarkable improvements in the domain of SEO
In today’s world of competitive business across digital platforms, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the most important aspects to meet. And when it comes to defining the role of artificial intelligence in this matter, there are unfathomably amazing ways the phenomenon has contributed to the sector. Let’s take a look at the same:
- There are several AI-powered SEO tools available these days. Applications such as Brightedge, MarketBrew, and Can I Rank help SEO experts optimise website content in a smarter and faster way. 
- Marketing automation is one of the latest additions to the block, with platforms such as HubSpot that offers AI-powered capabilities as a major part of its marketing digitisation. This helps SEO experts with a profound understanding of different themes that are search engine-friendly for their content. 
- AI-powered platform such as Yext  utilises the potential of artificial intelligence in order to streamline and update all changes made in your business listings from time to time. 
AI technologies are responsible for enhancing web video contents
It goes without mentioning that video content is one of the most crucial factors behind making your website SEO-friendly from all aspects. One can simply drive in a huge amount of traffic to his/her website with well-prepared, interesting and trendy video contents. Guess who’s fuelling such endeavours? It’s none other than Artificial Intelligence. Here’s how: 

- Video intelligence platforms use machine learning to help online marketers to gain an understating of what their audience is watching. If you leverage such technicalities and rope in AI-driven strategies to update your website, then it would always prove out to be a beneficial move. 
- In addition to it, Artificial Intelligence fuels the creation of more personalised video content for websites. 
- With AI-powered analytics software for video marketing, one can search for and hover through a large number of real-time industry footage. This helps them quantify video data and leverage different metrics for the purpose of website development, planning and operations optimisation. 

Now that you are aware of significant roles of artificial intelligence in the domain of website development, choose the best technology that would go best with your niche. Here’s a quick glance of the key pointers we have learned so far.
- AI-enabled chatbots enhance website performance by attending visitors with the fastest turnaround rate. 
- AI-powered SEO tools act as the best supplement for websites in need of the perfect facelift. 
- Video content enhancement through artificial intelligence paves a smarter avenue for web developers aiming to drive in the maximum traffic.

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