5 Ways Artificial intelligence in Enhancing Education

  • By Stacey Ramiel
  • 22-06-2020
  • Artificial Intelligence
artificial intelligence in enhancing education

Most like the internet, the artificial intelligence is going to become the spinal cord of our daily life activities. Every single field of life is going to be transformed by artificial intelligence in near future, in which education around the globe will not remain unaffected. The entrance of artificial intelligence will make the education very unique and effective.

AI (artificial intelligence) can bring a drastic change in education; it can make the education as it is fantasized. IA is going to influence the educational sector both inside and outside of the classroom let be in teaching, student’s psychology, tests, quizzes, assignment writing services and administration as well.

AI can enhance the education in many ways, here five ways are enlisted in which AI can enhance the education.

Administrative Work Enhancement
In near future, most of the administrative work is going to be handled by artificial intelligence, which will in turn lessen the administrative work of teachers, and teachers will get enough spare time to work for their students and thus it will enhance the education.

Smart Learning
Development of smart learning content is going to turn the education into the ideal one. Due to IA Smart learning content creation, from digitized guides of textbooks to customizable learning digital interfaces, are being make known at all levels of academics. Translators, online dictionaries etc. all the ways in which IA is enhancing the education.

Personalized Teaching
Teacher are so vital in teaching learning process that are not likely to be replaced, however it is assumed that IA may work like teachers and may assist them to their work more proficient. Student may get personal teacher for them to get educated which will definitely give amazing results and the education will be enhanced.

Smart Content Development Testing
Currently the educational sector faces problem in developing the most appropriate content for all student, which is going to be the same for all student with 80%-part fort normal student, 10,10% for top and bottom students respectively. With the arrival of IA this could be replaced by smart t content which will remain appropriate for all students distinctively.

With the development of IA, the testing and checking of content for analysis as well for assessment is going to be the smart. That will help in the achieving the goals mort nearly.

Freedom of Time And Space
Ai is going to make the education globalized the education, unlike the traditional education is going to break the formalities and boundaries. Students will be able to learn any time and everywhere. Students could be educated at the best ease they want, they will be educated at their doorsteps, in shops, schools and, anywhere and everywhere.

According to a prediction by e-school News, by 2020 the applications of AI will be increased by the ratio of 47.5%. The impact of Ai will be seen at every level from elementary to higher education. It will lead to the creation of adaptive learning techniques with customized tools for refining the learner’s skills. Artificial Intelligence may predict the future career of students and direct them on the right path towards their goal.  However, only time can tell the eventual effect of AI on the education


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