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  • By Anna Lisa
  • 05-01-2022
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Face recognition technology has been the right hand of tonnes of businesses and governments for a very long time. AI-based online solutions are used for analysing non-verbal data and concluding significant information from the body language during the customer identification process. Face recognition technology is the most essential service provided by AI-powered IDV solution providers.

It is grooving in multiple industries, whether its education sector, travelling, recruitment, law maintenance, e-commerce, and the list can go on forever. The deep analysis by the AI algorithms and self-learning model of face recognition online is a tough combo to beat.

What Facial Recognition Offers?

In business, not always the customers pick the perfect firm for the service or product but it can also go for someone less perfect who's there at the right time to facilitate them. The face recognition technology reduces the distance between a firm and the desired client in just a few seconds with the accurate output with supporting evidence. The ultrafast AI-powered customer identification is surely considered a competitor advantage. The more customers get onboarded the more the business will enhance.

Ongoing Checks
It will always be difficult to balance the equation between customers and regulatory compliance. A firm has to satisfy both parties. Even after the customer onboarding, companies optimise the face recognition technology for consent verification in financial institutes, for confirming purchasing authority, and much more. The number of policies and protocols to follow are greater but so is the capability of online face verification.

Avoiding Financial Violations
The face recognition technology establishes a solid foundation of a standard KYC compliance program. Countless financial corporations are combatting money launderers, terrorists, human or drug traffickers. They are quite opportunists. They believe in revising their mediums and approaches consistently. Unfortunately, businesses these days are not as progressive as them. All weak points in the customer identification program can be filled by face recognition technology powered by AI with mass global coverage of individuals of different countries and territories.

To deceive AML screening, fraudsters create false IDs and use facial masks but the biometric recognition technology comes along with a group of thousands of AI models. The deep learning algorithms of the face recognition technology embedded in the working systems of e-commerce, banks, or crypto exchanges are capable of detecting tonnes of tricks. AI-powered depth analysis and liveness detectors can observe minute details in the facial dynamics of a client. With authentic screening, by the face recognition technology, only legitimate clients get to enter so the overall possibilities of money laundering automatically decline.

Minor Protection
The prime area of interest and concern is the safety of innocent underage children. Face recognition technology delivers an essential role in protecting the upcoming generation. AI-based solutions integrated into online gaming and gambling sites or portals detect them instantly and maintain compliance with child protection laws. The consumption of adult content through age-restricted sites by minors is getting increased swiftly raising the level of penalties for inefficient client identification.

All these things are as catastrophic as terrorist attacks. Because failed minor protection by businesses and terrorism both destroy the future of a nation. The children are tomorrow's leaders and revolutionists, face recognition technology is there to preserve a better future.

Facial Verification in Education
Loopholes in the education system of a country are an ultimate threat to a nation’s future. AI-powered solutions integrated into the educational structure can bring a notable change. Teachers in the classroom cannot really focus on every student. The face recognition technology not only confirms the identity of a person but the microexpression analysis of the digital system can derive substantial information. For instance, psychology says there are a total of four indicators of someone telling the truth. LIke that there are many known and unknown behavioural indicators known to face recognition technology. AI-powered solutions can identify if students are displaying any symbol of doubt and the management can be aware of it and act accordingly.

Sheer Power of AI
Face recognition technology is also widely used by law enforcement. Just like in educational institutes, AI-based systems can collect data from the body language and facial expressions of students, criminals, and suspects can also be interrogated by the automated solution. online Facial Recognition  with AI algorithms will be able to act as a lie detector in the interrogation, something contributing to national security. Businesses with satisfied clients expanding globally at a brisk pace are guaranteed with thousands of AI models in automated systems.

Final Thoughts
Face recognition technology is predestined for every country and every business to excel further with little to no friction. AI-driven systems identify spoof attacks and ensure authentic client expansion without bothering the clients in any way. Not only for genuine customer onboarding but the face recognition technology is of great use for national security as well. It can also be used for the interrogation of high-profile criminals . AI-based IDV solutions are the present and future.

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