The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Mobile Applications

  • By Kenneth Evans
  • 07-07-2018
  • Artificial Intelligence
artificial intelligence
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become, increasingly, one of the most talked about issues in the launch of new applications for mobile devices, by Startups as well as top app development companies
All speak about how AI is causing disruptions in various areas of day-to-day existence. Of course, firms would no longer be left behind, so plenty of them have begun to position money into artificial intelligence to develop their firms.
Technological know-how companies are displaying first-class interest in AI's investment, such as DeepMind, and the purchase of 400 million dollars from Google. Nevertheless, the application of synthetic Intelligence just isn't constrained handiest to digital assistants akin to Siri however serves a type of functions similar to safety in digital commerce. Today, many entrepreneurs are focusing on the creation of applications that use Artificial Intelligence to transform the customer experience.
How will mobile intelligence affect companies?

eBay, Amazon and other giants of the retail industry have already demonstrated the success of mobile applications integrated with Artificial Intelligence. With the advances in technology and the demands of consumers, the development of mobile applications with Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing for companies.
The technological giants that are already integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms into their products, attract their users strategically. This ultimately helps companies to interact and engage their users deeply, as is the case with Amazon's priority delivery services.
In addition, many of the applications and devices that exist today will be converted to AI, so as to try better strategies to satisfy users. Also, companies can use the data that applications are collecting through online traffic, POS (Point of Sales) machines and many more.
However, what makes smartphones a suitable platform for the application of Artificial Intelligence are the different ranges of customization capabilities. Smartphones or smartphones are aware of the location of users, so the integration of Artificial intelligence in mobile applications will be more personalized and relevant. These technologies can also be applied to learn the behavior of users, so that each session started in the application is more valuable than the previous one, in order to increase the overall proportion of user retention, which is and has been one of the great challenges of the industry.
Taking the Forrester TechRadar report as a reference, here this article shares 8 of the main artificial intelligence technologies that will dominate this year:
1. Generation of natural language 
It is a sub-field of artificial intelligence that consists in creating text from obtained data. This allows computers and mobile applications to communicate ideas with great precision and accuracy.
It is currently used in customer service, generation of reports and in the summary of market intelligence findings.
2. Speech recognition
Until now, the model of AI that used to be handled in mobility was that of AI in the cloud. That is, the processing power is in the servers and data centers of the service providers. Like the translation of Google or Microsoft, or the calculation of routes in the maps, or the recognition of voice or voice assistants.
Siri is one of the examples of artificial intelligence who can interact with you. Mobile applications are currently helping with the transcription of human languages into readable formats for computers.
It is currently implemented in interactive voice response systems and in mobile applications.
3. Virtual agents
virtual agent
"The current diva of the media," according to Forrester. Virtual agents are computers, mobile apps or program capable of interacting with humans. The most common example of this technology is chatbots.
It is currently used in customer service, attention and for the management of smart homes.
4. Machine learning platforms 
Now computers also learn and boy they can become smart!
Automatic learning or machine learning is an area of computer sciences and also a branch of AI whose function is to help mobile applications respond to users.
Presently, they're utilized in a form of financial transactions, more often to make predictions or classifications.
5. AI and optimized hardware
ai optimized hardware
There's no longer a different option. The hardware has to be extra user-pleasant with AI technologies, and this envisages the production of snap shots and gadget processing models above all designed and structured to participate in AI-oriented duties.
6. Deep studying platforms
A precise kind of desktop studying that includes neural (synthetic) circuits with more than one layers of abstraction. This technological know-how imitates the services of the human brain to procedure data and creates patterns with the intention to be used in determination-making, as also happens in the aforementioned instance.
7. Biometrics
This technological know-how contemplates the identification, size, and analysis of the physical traits (form or composition of the body) and behavior of folks. This permits more common interactions between people and machines, together with recognition of contact, photo, speech and body language. 
8. Text Analytics and NLP
Normal language processing (NLP) uses text analytics to facilitate the structural understanding of the utterances, as good as their which means, intonation and what they mean by way of statistical approaches and desktop studies.
It is presently utilized in security systems and fraud detection, and in a large variety of automatic assistants and mobile applications for the extraction of unstructured knowledge.
What do you think of these AI technologies?
Most of these are already becoming the right arm of various top companies around the world.
New opportunities for the development of applications with Artificial Intelligence
The development and growth of Artificial Intelligence are already driving a new era, full of great and multiple possibilities in the development of mobile applications. In fact, Artificial Intelligence has been a great influence in the development of the application for many years, Startups and top technological giants have hired Artificial Intelligence developers to offer an intuitive user experience. Now with the new availability and the great advances in Artificial Intelligence have caused a revolutionary change in the retail industry, in developers and in companies, to connect users and brands in a way never before seen.
In short, with the application of Artificial Intelligence, it will be very easy to analyze the trends of the users. And, such intelligent applications can know what users prefer based on their dynamic needs. What this means is that the Artificial Intelligence applications developed from now on will be the threshold of business applications for the next great revolution in the business world. 

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