Top 5 AI-Powered Apps For Your Business

  • By Andrew Lozun
  • 12-02-2019
  • Artificial Intelligence
ai powered mobile apps
Mobile apps are becoming the core channel to interact digitally in business. Whether you use mobile phones, tablets or other smart mobile devices you can definitely find all the information you need. That's why enterprise mobile apps development is so essential in today's business landscape. Using AI-fueled application in business may seem a bit scary, but the ever-growing range of solutions can concentrate on specific aspects of your operations where intelligent features may quickly bring positive results to save real time, streamline existing processes and enable data-driven decision-making on a faster timeline. Don’t you know how AI-powered apps can support processes in business today? Let’s find out!
#1 Clara
Meetings, interviews, follow-ups, and other time-specific activities are just a small part of things the app can perform. Unlimited calendars are integrated into the app that provides checking availability, suggesting an appropriate time for meetings, and taking over the details with another person if schedules change. If you are so busy and require a large number of business meetings, just save time through the use of AI-fueled app.
#2 AnswerRocket
This AI-fueled analytics solution provides answers to business questions/issues instantly. By means of the search box, users can ask questions by typing or speaking in the natural language. Then applying AI it understands the question or issue, looks for the relevant information, produces reports (answers), and present the results in detailed reports or charts. By using that AI-powered app, you can simplify and automate analytics in your company.
#3 Astro
Designed to help you declutter inbox and focus on important messages. The app splits your email into two groups: priority and other, read through users’ emails and notify them when they’ve been asked important questions. It can also be used to unsubscribe from emails, clean out inbox and more.
#4 Fyle
Designed to provide intelligent expense management. It helps to automate complex approval and processing workflows for quick reimbursement, including extensive one-click expense reports, real-time policy, and compliance check, credit card reconciliation and more. By means of this service, your staff can scan, upload, or track company receipts. It provides a simple way to increase productivity across your whole team, become more organized, offers better visibility on expense spends.
#5 Acquisio
Built to deliver a comprehensive ad management solution for marketers, direct advertisers, and local resellers and focused on automation, scalability, and on-going performance improvements. With Acquisio’s, users can manage bids and budget, track search engine marketing and Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns needed to significantly decrease the time spent on setting up, maintaining and optimizing campaigns. If you need to automate tracking, reporting, budget management, and bid optimization, manage platforms like AdWords, Bing Ads, etc. or sync them, it is an excellent AI-powered solution.
Bottom line: Are you ready to enhance business processes with AI app?
The above-listed apps indeed represent the best of AI technology in use for business. With the exponentially increasing need for speed, accuracy, and productivity, artificial intelligence is undoubtedly here to stay. It provides value-added automation in the existing business processes and operations, save time and improve performance.

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Andrew Lozun

Andrew Lozun (Chief Innovation Officer), ServReality company