Ways To Fascinate Customers With The Use of Artificial Intelligence Technology

  • By Gaurav Kanabar
  • 09-11-2020
  • Artificial Intelligence
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Artificial intelligence technology proved to be one of the most powerful tools for most brands, including the transportation industry. Entrepreneurs can leverage AI to delight their potential customer experience. They can satisfy all the requirements of them and can make them loyal ones for their brand with the help of advanced technology.

Nowadays, we are living in the omnichannel world and love to prefer only that brand that offers excellent and up to date service to use all the time. However, some of the businesses still expect that they can engage customers with outdated and traditional methods of booking rides and other business services. However, they have to understand that they can reach the desired goal through the traditional way; they have to adopt one or other technology to enhance a customer's experience. According to a Gartner report, around 85% of customer interactions will be carried out without human engagement shortly.

Artificial intelligence has created a huge buzz in recent times; businesses can successfully employ it within their business environment. It provides an informed, intelligent, and convenient customer experience throughout the customer journey. Implementing AI technology can result in the reconstruction of customer experiences (CX) and create more personal with customers by interacting with the customers.

Artificial Intelligence: Leverage It to Enhances Customer Experience and Engagement
As per the recent study, more than 42% of B2C customers prefer to make a purchase from brands who offered excellent service to them previously, while around 52% stopped making a purchase from the brand just after their first bad experience. Customer experience can be considered as one of the competitive drivers for the growth and success of any in your transportation business or any other business which you are operating.

Not single businesses want to lose their ideal customers, but due to the lack of excellent customer service, they lose their existing customers. However, the challenge which the transportation businesses are facing is that they are unaware of the right method and technology to enhance a customer's experience. Losing potential customers not only affects the profit margin of the brand, but it also diminishes its competitiveness in the market. Thus to save a business from tremendous loss, it becomes vital for them to choose the right technology for their transportation business.

Importance and Need for Developing Strong Relations with Customers
Today customers have numerous choices to choose from; thus, it becomes essential for the transportation businesses to provide excellent customer service to them all the time. Customer retention has become one of the substantial challenges for all businesses; however, it's costly oversight, which can cost much higher to the transportation businesses. Various studies highlight that acquiring new customers costs five times higher than retaining the existing ones. This reason is enough to explain why transportation businesses need to put all their efforts on engaging customers and developing strong relations with them.

Explore Why Businesses Need AI for Enhancing Customers Experience
As stated above, customers' experience can be considered as a competitive driver; transportation businesses can consider data insights for collecting data, which can later be used to create an excellent strategy for their business. Due to the lack of customers, data businesses cannot have insight into the overall information of the customer. Data complexity is one of the primary reasons why businesses have to take AI into consideration.

AI Advantages: Explore All of the Benefits to Know Why AI is the Best Choice
As per recent research, artificial intelligence has gained topmost priority for businesses; with the help of AI, it becomes easy for businesses to take their customer service to completely next level. One of the best ways to delight your customers is that you need to find an effective way to solve a customer problem and provide them the best service whenever they demand. And AI provides an excellent way to solve a customer problem in real-time and meet all the demands of customers. Explore some of the advantages of implementing AI technology in your transportation business.

Reliable Service on Customer Demand
More than 57% of customers expect to have quick responses from the businesses on various platforms; they expect that their query must be answered within 30 minutes. And if a company needs to keep its customers engaged and thrive in this competitive marketing environment, then they need to provide reliable and effective customer experience and not just a service.

AI provides support and helps transportation businesses to offer reliable service to the customer on their demand. They can use AI-driven chatbots to provide all-time service to customers. This powerful tool solves customer's queries and answers their doubts in real-time. It can easily handle simple questions placed by customers through a live chat platform. Now customers need to wait to get the proper response from the business owner; they can simply get it using an AI-driven platform.

Reach Customers Through Various Platforms
Today most people demand quick access to the internet and smartphone; they go online for satisfying all their regular needs. Thus it becomes essential for transportation businesses to enhance their presence online by seeking SEO services from the agency that helps to reach more customers. Also, they have to need efforts to develop their presence on various messaging apps, Facebook, Skype, and many others.

Developing businesses on messaging apps, transportation apps, and music streaming app like spotify with the help of AI-powered chatbot can provide numerous opportunities to the businesses. According to the study, a Facebook messenger was one of the fastest-growing apps. The Statista report represents that 2.45 billion monthly active users are measured on Facebook while this number is increasing steadily with each passing day. Thus having a presence on messaging apps can improve the reach of the businesses and provide the opportunity to reach more customers online.

Imroves Business Operation
Artificial intelligence handles all the doubts and queries of customers very smartly. It helps them to provide real-time solutions to the customer on their demand. It also helps them to streamline their transportation business processes and operations. With the advent and evolution of AI, numerous transportation businesses are adopting it for their business. It also reduces the efforts of employees by speeding up repetitive tasks; this saves time for most of the employees, which they can utilize to complete complex tasks, which finally result in better customer enhancement.

Reduces Operating Costs
The innovation of new technology like machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) is advancing businesses at a rapid pace. Many industries have transformed by AI; they are leveraging advanced technology to reach new heights in their business sector.

AL helps them to streamline business operations and functions, not only that it also improves efficiency and productivity at the same time, which leads to earning higher profits. Businesses can easily handle high volume workflow with the help of AI technology, which results in generating more revenue and conversion rate.

By implementing automation at the workspace, businesses can quickly reduce the chances of human error and can enhance security at the same time. Businesses can easily stay ahead in their business fields from another rival once after integrating AI-enabled software or chatbot; this will result in a reduction of operational costs and will lead your business on the path of success.

Predictive Insights
Transportation businesses can use AI tools to be more productive and to enhance their customer service. Transportation businesses can also use AI-driven tools and software to enhance their relationships with their customers. To fill the gap between and stay connected with the customer's businesses are using AI with predictive insights. It helps them to elevate the work and provide transparency to customers.

Summing Up
Artificial Intelligence is not here to replace humans, but it is here to reduce their overall efforts and operations. AI technology is proved to be a boon for all industries. Interestingly, in one of the reports, it was mentioned that automation has replaced around 800,000 workers and has opened 3.5 million job opportunities. For example, customer service cannot stay at the workplace 24*7 to answer customer queries, but AI-enabled chatbots can solve customer's issues and help them to make perfect purchase decisions. Adopting AI for enhancing customer experience and engagement can prove to be beneficial for all businesses.

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