Top 3 Augmented Reality Apps For Education And Their Impact On Education

  • By Charlotte Lin
  • 09-01-2021
  • Augmented Reality
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Ever since augmented reality became a trending topic in the entertainment industry, there has been a constant generation of new apps and interactive facilities. Escape rooms on VR, racing games, and learning with visual representations were the next big thing! This technology's most notable appearance was seen in the popular game Pokemon Go, which took the world by storm. 

Before we dive into the topic of AR in education, let us familiarize you with augmented reality. In simple words, augmented reality is an interactive experience where computer-generated virtual objects can be 'brought' into the real world using visual, auditory, and olfactory sensory modalities. 

What if we said that this immersive technology could be implemented in education for a fun learning environment? That's right! This super cool EdTech trend can be directly executed in the classroom to help teachers explain a subject using visual representations. 

This article provides you with information about the three best AR apps built for educational purposes! Read on to know more! 

1. Math Alive  
Math Alive is a unique AR application produced by Alive Studios for the pre-kindergarten kiddies. It has a 3D-without-glasses technology that allows the early learner to understand math in the most fun way! 

Their app comes along with a tool kit that includes a full-year supplemental math curriculum for the kindergartners. It uses unique trigger cards that come alive when placed in front of the camera. They teach students how to count and other elementary numeracy skills while providing immediate feedback and positive verbal affirmations. 

Their seven math concept stories and 174 math vocabulary cards make learning more of a fun game!  They also feature a math alive student journal app that gives kids an interactive math learning experience. They can enjoy feeding virtual animals while mastering essential math skills! The mini-games teach them proper number counting, shape recognition, family engagement, emotional intelligence, and monitors their progress!  

This brain-based app enhances the literary experience by using simple scan-to-trigger technology! The brand also won the 2017 tech Edvocate award for the best-augmented reality tool! 

2. Quiver Education  
Quiver education is a fun augmented reality coloring experience for students that has a super easy-to-use interface. After downloading the app, you have to visit the company's website to download trigger images and scan them to activate your AR experience! It has a series of coloring pages that pop of the page when scan and can be spun around midair! They also let students go beyond the pages of a book by scanning the images and create 3D representations. 

These immersive activities help develop fine motor skills, reduce stress, and allow the child to express their creative liberty. 

But the coloring experience seems more of a child's play when you know about the content the teams produce. Their AR team is dedicated to making Augmented Reality content related to diverse topics like biology, geometry, and the solar system's planets! You watch a volcano explode lava and understand the intricacies of a biological cell structure in 3D! 

They also have a Quiver Fashion that lets students create new outfits and bring them to life! Their experiences have been rated as the number one AR developer for kids since 2017! 

3. Blippar  
The Blipper harnesses technology's power by creating 3D computerized versions of famous faces, cars, flowers, product packaging, and many other subjects. The products are developed entirely by their AR team with app-creation tools like Blippbuilder and Blippbuilder Script.  

They allow students to experience educational experiences from around the world with their built-in content. However, if you want to see your content style on the app, you can get in touch with them and publish your augmented reality experience onto the existing app. They are also all-set to build you a whole new white-label app for a personalized educational experience! 

Another impressive edutainment feature of the app is the Brainspace magazine for kids! The award-winning magazine allows the little ones to scan the pages to turn the two-dimensional images into a live three-dimensional presentation. The issues are jam-packed with knowledge, and they are appreciated by many sciences, technology, and educational organizations! 

Science experiments, math demonstrations, and french language learning have never been this interactive and fun! The optimal learning platform has raised the bar with intelligent educational resources and teaching aids with AR tech in classrooms. 

Download the Blippar on any Ios or android interface! 

Impact of Augmented Reality in Education  
With the help of AR, the dull, black-and-white words in our textbooks can become immersive interactions filled with life and creativity! Learning is a fundamental never-ending process, and when it is combined with entertainment (Edutainment), the life of a student can become much brighter! 

While stimulating interest, they also familiarize students with abilities like problem-solving, collaboration, and creation. Since the world is getting digitalized, students must catch up with the rapid advancements in technology. And augmented reality is an excellent start for that!  Every student has a different level of understanding and perspectives, and we have to take care of every learner. These personalized AR apps are the right solution as they help tutors create interactive content based on the child's needs. 

Now that almost every student has direct or indirect access to smartphones, this easily accessible tech is right under our fingertips! So interactive Edutainment could be the next big thing in the world of education! 

While most students associate learning with procrastination and stressful schedules, studying has turned into more of a task than a beneficial experience. But with the help of augmented reality, the world of learning can take a massive turn! 

Most students are experiential and visual learners, so they understand concepts way better when interacting with them! These unique pedagogical methods also capture student's attention and sustain the idea of meaningful learning! With these Augmented Reality apps, education can become a fun and exciting activity! Try out these three ground-breaking AR apps and see the difference in your student engagement! 

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