What You Need To Know Augmented Reality Issues

  • By Hermit Chawla
  • 16-03-2020
  • Augmented Reality
augmented reality
Augmented Reality (AR) is a fantasy,  well that would have been true if we were talking about this a few years back. However, today augmented reality is not a fantasy, it has a useful reality, and is giving rise to a new industry in itself. AR has come really far with brilliant minds working hard to improve this technology.
Due to this augmented reality can now easily be implemented by the use of various applications and most of the industries have welcomed this new technology in order to improve their user experience and efficacy. Well, this is well manifested in the high demand for augmented reality developers in the market.  If you have not yet planned to adopt an Develop Augmented Reality App for your business, then it's time you should start looking for augmented reality developers that would help you realize the potential of this wonderful technology.
However, this amazing technology does have a downside to it. For now, we can say that it has certain limitations and issues that are still needed to be overcome. There are certain issues in adoption of AR and its effective use in your business which you must be aware of while listing out the benefits . So, today in this blog we are going to discuss What You Need To Know about Augmented Reality Issues to make things easy as you go ahead with it. Now, without much here and there let’s get started.
Lack Of Practical Business Model
Well Develop Augmented Reality App might be one of the most fascinating technological concepts of the era, however, we still lack the required technology and equipment that can help us harness the absolute potential of this amazing technology. It’s not like we can’t even implement augmented reality, this tech is feasible however it might take a long time before we see augmented reality being used in everyday life if we didn’t have a breakthrough to some extraordinary invention.
You can argue to this point by putting forth these major developments in augmented reality industry-
- The industry has experienced a broad acceptance of the tech.
- There is a regular and steady investment being done into this industry.
- The augmented reality application market has started to bloom.
It’s not like we have not considered these points, it’s just a simple matter of producing an effective business model solely based on augmented reality. Apart from the gaming industry, there is no other industry that has figured out the use of AR. There have been developments across industries, but not a single business plan has come into light that utilizes AR at its peak.
All the projects have been done across these industries are just an extension of previous business models that utilizes AR for a better experience. There is nothing new, however various start-ups have started to pop up with high potential.
Lack Of Development Standard
Unlike the development standards set for most of the development processes, whether it is the development of a game, a new software, or a website, there are no standards for development of application utilising augmented reality. This is sort of a big issue as different people use different machines and standard help us to set universal parameters, requirements and compatibility for an AR application. These standards help the community to effectively and efficiently contribute to the development of augmented reality.
Well, the reasons for why the no standards have been set is simple, the tech is new and this issue has not received the required attention. Today the major concern of the industry is to develop the appropriate hardware and software to support the technology. Without these basic commodities, there is no use of thinking about the standards for development.
This might not seem such a big issue from the surface, however, if you look at it technically, this makes a major difference in the industry. Without these standards, every project that is based on augmented reality has its own set of requirements both hardware and software.
Due to this, any two projects cannot be compared, and also this makes these projects really impossible for commercial use, as people can not just buy a new piece of hardware every time a new application is released. Its like that you need to buy a new mobile phone just to use different applications, luckily that’s not the case as both ios and android act as a standard in the mobile industry.
Physical Harm
Although augmented reality does really well in terms of the harm it can cause physically than its counterpart called virtual reality. However it's not completely safe and there are chances of harming yourself and the users while using this technology, just because of the nature of the application it has and users lack attention and caution while handling AR.
Augmented reality is a tech that operates in real-world by adding some virtual components into our reality. Well, this does allow us to interact with the program or with the virtual world in a completely different and new way, it does possess its demerits. This virtual information that is added to our real-world tends to draw the users attention, and we already know how dangerous it can be to live in this real-world without paying attention.
Someone can really get hurt. For instance, the application that operates on AR fundamental which went viral was the game Pokemon GO, no doubt it was a piece of art and an amazing game, however, it does lead to many accidents and deaths as well. That is enough to measure the depth of harm AR can cause if used without proper cautiousness.
Poor Content
Like we said before Augmented reality has its issues and limitation and the issue of poor content is one of the most threatful ones of them for this industry. The issue of the poor content availability is one of the unresolved issues that might lead this industry to its destruction. The thing is, even though when we hear the concept of augmented reality, a number of the practical application comes into our mind such as enhancing gaming industry user experience, use in medical science, etc. However the reality is not a lot of things are available to the users, even on the play store they have simple tricks which are far from what  AR can achieve.

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