Blockchain Marketing - Is It Possible To Boost An Entire Industry By Modifying Its Structure?

  • By Roberto Liccardo
  • 13-04-2019
  • Blockchain
blockchain marketing
Previously in other GoodNoon blogs, we've talked before about how blockchain and marketing not only benefit each other but together establish a new industry: blockchain marketing/crypto marketing, which has had a significant impact even in the offline world, due to the elimination of barriers that offer a scenario of transparency and reliability.
The reason for this approach can be found in the fact that the technology created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 (Bitcoin) is designed, like modern marketing, to be a powerful and disruptive tool of social nature.
Fortunately, since the beginning of our operations in 2014, we've had the goal of integrating new trends into our service, which is why a large part of our customers belong to the decentralized market. Thus, today we are giving you an insight into how blockchain marketing can strengthen your strategies as an entrepreneur, executive or marketer.
SEO in the blockchain era
A perfect example are the latest SEO trends. Right now, SEO is a fundamental pillar of online marketing strategies for basically any brand or company. By including blockchain within its formula, the system can detect black hat SEO methods, reducing digital fraud and making it easier for search engines to identify link purchases.
As per GoodNoon, an ICO marketing and PR service provider,the application of this technology doesn't limit to SEO strategies, but a real revolution in the way of conceiving advertising and profits. The most significant value of the blockchain technology is that it enables new, genuine, transaction and communication channels. In the area of advertisements, publicists and media have much more efficient mechanisms, validating the delivery of ads.
After the conventional barriers disappear, the parties can enable automatic payment through smart contracts -pieces of code that certify that it is paid only by delivered advertisement- since the impressions will be reflected in a public ledger: the blockchain itself.
Why investing in disruption
Nowadays, any brand that is betting actively on adopting blockchain marketing as part of their strategy will surely stand out from the rest of proposals, usually tainted by the traditional perspectives' decadent resources.
Starting from social media strategies, e-commerce initiatives, and overall reputation, the key is the decentralization of prospects. As it has been exposed by Social Media Today, large companies such as Facebook or Amazon have realized this and are beginning to jump on the wave with new offers of their own. But this is only a superficial view.
In this context, the team of professionals that surround your proposal, service or brand, should bet on aspects such as greater initiative and curiosity; mastering the areas of programming, economic behavior and digital transformation - making the most out of the blockchain marketing.
Blockchain marketing in the entertainment industry
Crisis generated in areas such as the cultural industry, due to piracy, have been attenuated thanks to the rise of platforms such as Spotify or YouTube. However, this model is not perfect, since it deals with intermediaries that compensate artists at a meager price. In this sense, blockchain could have an impact on boosting the digital creative industry.
The blockchain-based entertainment industry would allow artists to promote themselves directly to their audiences without having to cede control of their work or part of their income to an intermediate platform.
In this idyllic setting, artists and groups would be recognized according to the value of their creations, and not because they have invested in appearing at the top of an arbitrary ranking. Undoubtedly, the marketing of the cultural and entertainment industry would have to reinvent itself in a scenario aimed at P2P communities.
The highlight of such a statement is that in a panorama like the previous one, professionals who know in depth how the world of modern marketing and to thrive within cryptographic technology, offer the best opportunities.
If you want to grow your brand and stay at the forefront of your digital marketing strategy, contact the GoodNoon team. We have highly qualified professionals who are knowledgeable about all the trends and innovations of the industry to put them at the service of your brand, as well as connections with prestigious online means and portals.

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